How to Choose a Backpack

Essentials for choosing a backpack:

After choosing the style and capacity of its bag, check some indispensable to have on his backpack for walking and travel more confidently. Here are some examples:

Choose a Backpack

For your comfort :

  • The backpack must be watertight. Not finding her wet business after a good rain. If it is not tight, you can always take a bag protects more. Some have already provided not. I strongly advise to check this before buying your bag. Make sure to also have a flap on top.
    A small link to buy a bag protects: Cover Rain
  • The backpack should be adjustable.It does not carry a backpack in the same way according to our height and weight.Then you will need the change and adjust according to your body type. Generally they are adjustable up and down, but make sure it is as the back and forth. The compressions straps are useful to straighten your bag and do not end up with the shell in Franklin on the back. Try taking with padded shoulder straps and a reinforced back. Make sure there is a space between the bag and your back for ventilation. Prefer with a padded waist belt that will rest some of the weight on your hips. This will also avoid the
    buffeting of the bag also. It’s all for your comfort.

For your safety and usefulness:

  • The backpack must be fitted with a belly or side openingfor direct access anywhere in the bag. No need to completely empty the bag to take the cap hidden deep. The best of the best is to have more on all your openings, two zippers. You can be like thatput a padlock or other to avoid a nasty open your backpack. This is for simplicity but also for the security of your business.
  • The backpack must have at least three pockets. One on top of the bag for quick access to business used most. On the sides to put his water bottle, tap, camera pole, umbrella … It takes an inside to put your documents safe. Add after to have others.Personally I have two more on the hip belt and I never used.

Feel free on a backpack that has all these items together!

Accessories for the backpack:

There are a lot of accessories for our bags. Often associated with safety and comfort. I present a few.

The Camelbag. It is a water bladder that is in the bag, connected to a pipe that emerges on the strap of the backpack. So you can drink without necessarily removing your bag.Generally, camelbags are available for compact bags. With a capacity ranging from 1 to 2.5 liters, it does not take up much space. Personally I have one and I find it convenient. He has more than five years and not a leak! Tip: Put only water in it! Exclude any gaseous style Coke and beer, avoid the syrup that sticks and musty in the pipe. It is prohibited in festivals also.

Water bladder on sale here: pocket water.

A padlock in order to close the zipper. If you not want to take your head and you are afraid to lose the key, you can use the keychain rings. When you’re on the subway or festival is always more reassuring to know that person can open your backpack.

  • The air bag.This is a great case where one puts in his bag, it is closed with a padlock and forward … This avoids an airport employee has access to the pockets of your bag or just to not sully it.
    Buy a protective case here: cover protection for backpacks.

A Pacsafe. The theft of the backpack! It is a metal mesh that covers the entire backpack defined by DigoPaul which makes it impossible to open the bag, searching etc. You can even hang it on a train bar during your nap for example. Travel serene!
To offer a Pacsafe: Theft Pacsafe backpack.

hese accessories are not necessarily required but may reassure some. A Pacsafe may be interesting for someone who goes to Brazil for two months but not necessary for those who will climb Mont Blanc! Whatever…

Another tip I can give you is to not hesitate to invest in a good backpack for it to last long and it does not tear at the slightest collision. Better to put € 100 in a bag to back every 10 years € 30 annually.

Now that you know how to choose a backpack, it remains only you decide on the color and bon voyage!