How to Distinguish a Fake Casio Watch

It is very common nowadays find fakes of any model and series of Casio watches, luxury editions not only more affordable series but also because they are the most sold.

To avoid purchasing Casio watches than the original the best we can do is buy it in a store or authorized dealer, or if you have acquired elsewhere and we doubt, take it to a dealer for veriquen us.

Still, we ourselves can check our watch and try to verify that we have in our hands an original Casio.

  • Compare carefully all the details of your watch with the photographs up in their official dealers or web page Casio.You will find a number of pictures where you can see even the smallest detail of your watch: assembly of parts, engraved on the back, all the terminology of the front … any detail that you can see by the pictures.
  • All series and Casio models are numbered by a unique reference number, which depends on the module with.Check your watch carry an actual serial number. For example GW-4000-1AER is a number corresponding to a model G-Shock series. Do not trust despite having the same structure of letters and numbers, still can be totally invented.
  • Check the user manual of the packaging and presentation.The serial number must match the manual next engraved on the clock. Verify that the logos and typography exactly match the original logos and typography, both in color and font.
  • As the packaging, the original Casio are presented with a thermal plastic bracelet watch and a transparent plastic sphere.Any other type of plastic, such as blue plastic coating the clock or some other kind should be a signal to relocate to verify our watch.
  • All have the word Casio front and back.Check the model and series are correct. In many fakes put things like G-Sports or gshock, or models such as Aqua Sport. Check in files Casio model that really exists.
  • Check carefully finished.The Casio brand is very careful in this kind of detail, screws, circuit boards, buttons inside. In a fake watch finishes are cruder and less care. Anyone accustomed to handling Casio watches know immediately distinguish this aspect. Therefore advisable to contact an official distributor if you have any questions.
  • If the Collection series (Casio watches lifetime), we can verify the originality of our watch if, for five seconds by pressing the right button, the word CASIO appears on the display.


For a few years Casio has begun to incorporate into their most expensive models a security tag through which one can verify the authenticity of the watch.


For this a special viewer (Viewer Casio) consisting of two polarized windows that pass over the security tag is used.

If we look through the first window, the label will take a dark blue color. If we look through the second window will appear bright strip touring the safety label.

This method is not too widespread and is not unusual to see this holographic stamp on the best selling models of Casio.