How to Get More Storage Space on My Phone?

Android smartphones and tablets are not like traditional computers. You can not simply unscrew the box and easily upgrade the storage. That said, there are a few ways you can improve increase physical storage and most importantly, make good management of your available space, especially in the mobile memory card.

Worth the reminder: Unfortunately, for our friends with Apple gadgets, the memory card is not a possibility. But we have some tips that can be adapted for your device. Stop talking and let’s get right to the solutions.

MicroSD card

The best way to get more storage space on an Android device is to simply buy a microSD card and insert it into your smartphone or tablet. A decent 64GB microSD card can be purchased for less than $ 170 online. Once done, you can go to Settings-> Storage on your device and assign what you want to be saved to your microSD card in the future and also move the existing files.

If you have many files and need all of them with you, it pays to have more than one card, even if with different memories. For example, you can have an 8GB microSD card just for books and college jobs, or a 32GB card for photos. Managing memory is simple, so you only need to write down and organize your files and cards so you do not overdo it.

The only problem with this option is that not all smartphones and tablets have microSD card slots and if the device does not have this slot, the card is not an option for you. And even with the memory card, with the size of today’s files it can be difficult to make good management of the amount of data. What to do?

How to Get More Storage Space on My Phone

How to get more storage space on the memory card: cloud storage

Another good option to free up space on your microSD card is to embrace cloud storage on your smartphone or tablet.

Remember that cloud storage is really only a viable option for storing images. All other files are either too large, or too small to access them through a good data connection.

However, if you download to cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, you can set it to automatically back up all of your photos to the storage site. From there, you just need to check if your photos will be saved to the cloud application(it’s an option to be enabled in almost all cloud storage apps), and then delete the files from your Android smartphone or tablet.

The advantage is that this will free up a lot of space; the downside is that you’ll need an internet connection to see all your photos on your device

Now and with the songs? What do I do to free up space on my card that has my MP3s and videos?

You have all your favorite bands on your microSD card and you do not know where to put any more other files. How about thinking about using some service streaming videos or music? You can use Google Music, Spotify, Rdio, and many other free or very cheap monthly payments to listen to your favorite songs without taking up too much space on your microSD card. The same goes for videos, including YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes.

However, again, you will need an internet connection to access these media.

How to get more storage space on SD card with apps?

If you have a new smartphone and you are already running out of space, then you can free up some valuable MBs by deleting them if worthless apps. You may need to root on your device  or jailbreak, but do this correctly and following the tips of the various experts on the internet. The only person who can really decide which apps are worthless is you.

Preinstalled applications can be easily removed with apps such as Clean Master and Titanium Backup. However, be careful and research to see if the application being deleted is not essential for the system to work. Also be sure to test other storage space management applications as there will always be one or the other that falls more to your liking.

Using a wireless hard drive for more storage

One final option and one of the few extra storage options for owners of Apple tablets and smartphones is by purchasing a wireless hard drive. The wireless hard drive is exactly the same as a regular portable hard drive, but you connect to it via Wi-Fi Direct, NFC or your home network. The price can be a little salty, but there are models up to 16 GB for less than $ 120.

Of course, you can also use your computer on a network and transfer files to it using the Cubby application or even the network itself. Even so, you still need good HD.

Do you have more tips on how to free up space on your SD card? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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