How to Have a Preppy Style?

Girls who have attended the session Classic Afternoon The Clueless have rather had a twinge of envy the super visual productions even to go to school girlfriends and main characters. The Betties are mainly brand to dress well, which is not that complicated. And it’s not so far away but its reality.

The fashion preppy style is within reach of everyone, even that requires a little more credit card. The main brand of patricinhas is are always very neat. They are the extravagant compositions times and sometimes causal, copied by women around for staying so cool. Wear designer is almost a rule, always the most talked about in magazines. If Paris Hilton is clutch with Chanel, the duty patricinhas will run to the shops in search of the same model.

A good patricinha never leave the house without at least mascara and gloss. Makeup is important, and carry your favorite lipstick and a good case for touch – ups is also basic mark of a good patricinha following the manners beauty manual. Well done nails and properly painted or decorated basic is basic, and it is not just a craze of clueless, so do not count for much.


Many comment that patricinha is a style of viewing life as well. They love shopping yes, but not in space, but the purchasing power they provide. Do not leave without nothing matched and pink is the favorite color, but not the only one. You have to have style even to run to lose weight and impeccable look is crucial. All look of the details should be analyzed before leaving home.


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Using the Fashion Style Preppy?

The first step is to give an increased in wardrobe. Patricinha uses basically famous brands or at least super brands known as Tommy, Givenchy, Hermes, Carolina Herrera, Dior, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Victoria’s Secrets, Calvin Klein and the like. If it is not a known piece, it can be a minimum accessory, such as a sock, a tissue to hair and the like. But do not use most of the look with famous brand ever.

Shoe and bag has to be of little jump and always matching. The current fashion allows a differentiated combination of bag and shoes, but patricinhas always use the same color. It is a registered trademark. Sneakers? Rare cases only for sports.


Clothes on sale are even rare. The proposal is to use current trends, so it is important to monitor magazines, websites and major fashion shows. The weeks of Rio, Sao Paulo and New York are mandatory for those who want to be updated.

The preppy fashion coolest is its tendency to be modern but somewhat conservative. Patricinha worth its salt does not use super short skirt at most a mini dress and with a median behavior. Transparency only if it is not too bold and nothing to show underwear or bra Tanks. Good behavior is crucial in visual.


The preferred color is pink, but the style preppy fashion calls for a bit of warm colors such as orange and red. The second is not preferred, but widely used and big brands go investing enough.

The makeup is also quite demure. Visual organized, maybe a red lipstick, but nothing too distant it. The proposal is to look beautiful and not draw too much attention. There are few patricinhas using strong too much makeup, that is for other styles like punk and alternative .