How to Make Candle with Flowers

Most women love to decorate your home with a variety of exquisite things. Some of them are sacred because they bring a cozy and romantic atmosphere, especially when placed in the right place. And that is why today we decided to show you an original idea for handmade candles with flowers. With minimal effort and resources will create a very beautiful decoration for the home.

How is it done:

Divide into parts previously collected and dried flowers, twigs and leaves. Crushed and melted in a water bath a few ordinary candles. You can add a few drops of essential oil, crushed spices (coriander, vanilla, cinnamon).

Prepare aluminum form (Khenchela beer or soft drink) for thick floral candle (you can buy wholesale candlesticks). Secure the wick in the middle and pour the wax. Allow to harden at room temperature for 2-3 hours. Then start with decoration. Light a candle and its flame, heat a spoon on both sides. Then, take the dried flower (branch, leaf), place it gently on the candle and the top press with heated spoon. The heat will melt the wax slightly and that will fix it. Repeat this procedure until decorate the entire candle. In this way you can make many different floral decorated candles.

Tip: To pass the glow of these candles with flowers dip them in hot wax. Beware layer is thin, so that the decoration can be seen better. If you choose not to dip candles can lay on top with a brush a thin layer of wax.