How to Match Skinny Jeans


The skinny jeans are those tight pants, tight at the ankle, which enhance the sinuous lines and give that sexy touch and glamor to which we women do not want to give up. Plus they are very practical and guarantee freedom of movement and comfort throughout the day. As their name suggests in English “skinny”, they are almost a second skin, like leggings, and if worn with the right precautions, make it look slender and toned legs. In this guide, then we see how to match skinny jeans in 3 different occasions.

The first match that I propose is a day look, suitable for an exit with friends or a casual lunch. Council to choose a colored jeans and cheerful, that gives you a jaunty touch and gives a nice dose of sparkle to your day. Any color will do, which is fuchsia, electric blue, yellow ocher or green bottle does not matter, as long as you play with the contrast of colors. Eye however to tonality too clear: remember that white and flashy reasons most attract attention, while dark colors streamline. Combine them with a t-shirt or a shirt with white long sleeves, plain or with minimal prints, avoiding the banal tint of color, as well as the overly color combinations glamor. As for the shoes, you can choose the dancers (also colored) or sneakers super comfortable and lightweight shoe, so you always feel comfortable. If you feel daring and have long legs and slender, well worn high boots, even above the knee. As stock market, however, it is perfectly suited a sports and capacious bag that can hold everything you need.

To go to work, you can choose a black or dark blue denim, with clean lines and combine it with a blouse or sweater in classic colors. A jacket or cardigan complete the set perfectly. Wear comfortable shoes: such as the suede boots or soft boots in winter and in summer sandals. The bag should preferably do pendant with shoes, so as to create a professional and understated look, but at the same time feminine. Always to avoid: shoes too showy, as it would make too much contrast with tapered jeans, making you look disproportionate.

Jeans are a universal head, which can safely be worn in the evening, in an outfit that combines the casual with charm. Choose a neutral jeans, classic, decorated with a few rhinestones to the limit and pair it with a maxi t-shirt animal that will gently caress the hips, for a happy hour or a disco evening. In the cold season, completed the outfit with a nail skin, preferably black. For more formal occasion you opt for the classic blouse in silk with the timeless blazer. The elegant touch will give you the accessories: As to shoes, I recommend a black socket, simple or with studs skin, or cleavage of the stiletto, which make you look your legs even more thin and slander, and will give you that sexy touch and rock that will make you feel beautiful and sure of yourself. As for the bag, go for a black bag or at least to match the shoes or belt.


Never forget:

  • Accessories: belts preferably matching shoes and bag;matching scarf and colorful and eccentric bracelets for the day look; in the evening version instead, give preference to necklaces and earrings in shades of gold and silver.