How to Wear a Plus Size Skirt

When wearing a dress, it’s easy with this piece. There is things get complicated is when you decide to wear a skirt! Indeed, it is not always clear what top to wear with a skirt when one is round. How to match, what is the prettiest form, print perfect… We explain!

What top to wear above a skirt

Le b. a. ba

As with any look, the base is to balance the silhouette! To find out which top cover a skirt when one is round, so you both talk morphology and type chosen skirt.

If your skirt is rather tight-fitting such as the pencil skirt, your top will be rather fluid. In contrast with a long skirt bohemian spirit, it will instead rely on a top near the body.

What must be avoided at all costs for the skirt when one is round, it is the missed overlay effect! The worst fashion faux pas? A long boho skirt and a top super long flared… You will look for taking 30 kilos more… We forget!

How to Wear a Plus Size Skirt

The Blazer

If there is a garment that fits perfectly with all types of skirts, this is the blazer! It has the advantage of being a chameleon and be suitable for all styles. With a rather classic skirt for a look working girl, a plus size denim skirt for a casual chic style or come to a holding structure with a flowing skirt, this is the best place!

Needless to necessarily choose black, you need instead to have fun with colors and bring pep to your outfits, especially this season.

What length choose?

The ideal is to carry your fluids in your skirts tops making them slightly out to create a blouson effect, this system is also valid for blouses.

For other senior, attention to what they are not too long otherwise disguise your skirt and give a bag effect. Ideally they should arrive halfway up your ass.

What top according to your body?

It comes back to the geometry of the different silhouettes need to balance by creating volume where there is the least. And additional difficulty, agree to the skirt playing the fluid / near the body to be in harmony.

So remember that:

  • If you have a morphology A you need to bring to the middle to your shoulders and perhaps the volume level of the chest.
  • For morphology V, it is best to bet on a high strapless or spaghetti straps or American armhole otherwise seem to have shoulders swimmer.
  • Regarding the morphology of H must create the illusion of size, opt for the high waist skirt with high fluid back in and blouson top or constricted in the chest or waist.
  • If you’re more a O, consider lengthening the silhouette with a V neck top or provides a graphic with a line running along its length.
  • And as always, the 8 can all afford their perfect figure!