How to Wear for Work

I work most stylish paparazzi look around the Italian city. Today we introduce you Kaisha Bhicaji Davierwalla, account executive for a design gallery collector, who loves to mix original parts but without excess.

Name Kaisha Bhicaji Davierwalla City Milano Profession account executive for a design gallery collectibles How work affects your look and vice versa? “When they’re in the tunnel I always have to be very concentrated: wear clothes in which I feel at ease helps have no distractions. For me elegance and professionalism go hand in hand. Being well dressed I need to interact better with customers and higher. Normally I avoid bracelets, earrings and various trinkets: distract me and not feel the need to weigh the look … On the other hand employment hours to decide coat and shoes, they must be comfortable as well as beautiful.”

Your style secret?
“Balance. I do not like to mix too many colors, too many fantasies or too … black! If I wear a printed shirt, they match in plain pieces. And when I dress black & white, I enjoy to turn the outfit with a splash of color for your shoes or jacket. “, says 800zipcodes.

Speaking of beauty, what are your must?
“Being born and raised in India try to choose almost exclusively natural based products. I care very skin and hair being longer need frequent pampering. As for makeup, however, the beauty never fail eyeliner, which I use in abundance every day, and lipstick, always extrarosso”.

Catherine wears … Overcoat Miss Miss. Zuiki shirt. Kocca skirt. Bag Valentino Mario Valentino. Blumarine belt. Alpo gloves. Pumps Essentiel.