How to Wear Leggings with Skirts

Originally worn by dancers to keep their calf cramps, leggings have become a fashion accessory in the 1980s Since then, leggings were out of style, but returned with a vengeance. Wear leggings with skirts offers a fashionable look that you can have fun with, choosing a variety of colors, textures and patterns to accentuate your style.


Purchase of several pairs of leggings to include some variety to your wardrobe. Choose solid colors, patterns and different textures such as fuzzy, silky and others to match with your skirts. Leggings can be purchased in a variety of maternity stores and retail clothing are often sold alongside shoes and other accessories.

Choose a mini skirt that matches your pair of leggings or vice versa. Leggings only look good with short skirts. A long skirt with leggings can make your thick legs and also shorten your leg line, in addition to dull looking.

How to Wear Leggings with Skirts

Put on the miniskirt as you normally would.

Throw a leg warmer in your hands, seizing the upper part of the leg warmer, which is the widest part. Roll the leg until the bottom opening reaches fingertips.

Drag the toes of one foot through the large opening of the pad. Slide the pad your calf as you would a pair of nylon stockings.

Adjust the pad on your leg, making sure that the group does not exceed the top of the calf. Make sure the seams are aligned uniformly.

How to Wear Sequin Leggings

The actress from the series 90210, the spin-off of Beverly Hills, Jessica Loundes, managed to mix some of the key pieces of the Fall-Winter 2009-2010 season, in a single look.

It is on the occasion of the 6th Hollywood Style Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, the brunette made a grand entrance.

To support its sequined legging, very fashionable this season but not necessarily obvious to combine the actress succeeds perfectly the mix by choosing a black man jacket, another must of the time , it rolls up to brighten the meeting.

The beautiful fiery eyes combines a loose gray shirt threadbare, just soften the whole, already very strong. A good point when you know that sequins are worn keys to avoid allourdir a look.

Perched on patent leather pumps, it ensures a festive look, sharp is certainly glamorous. Parted in the middle, neatly tied hair, hairstyle gives Jessica a sophisticated touch there welcome.

That night, she sparkles, pungent almost the spotlight from the chic Selena Gomez and Sophia Bush .

The trick for you: The sequined leggings that mixed sound effect with simple parts and fluids. The shirt blur is required to make a fashion outfit, fashion-without missteps.