HTC Sensation Receives an Overclock Up to The 1, 56GHz

When we saw announced the HTC Sensation, We knew from the outset that would be one of Brown beasts that would better define what can be accompanied by a good hardware Android. However, we have a sad situation is that we don’t yet know why, the manufacturers do not want we are happy of series and have to be us, both for personal taste as a memo nulamente paid for our family and neighbors, who take care of breaking the limits of factory to take advantage of its full potential.

HTC Sensation, MSN8660, chip can with 1.51 GHz y HTC limits it to the 1.2 GHz, leaving only 77% of the usable power. However, the kindly Android community allows us to to avoid this limitation, reaching the 1.56 GHz. However, if someone wants to do it, it comes well remind you that this will result in an expenditure of battery which increases exponentially. But it is that not only improves the processing of data, since it improves the GPU to improve the processing of 2D and 3D graphics. All this leaves a juicy gift to those who want to risk with this ROM

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