Ideas for The Halloween Costumes

If you have already decided not to miss this year’s experience on the night of October 31, you only need one MAC idea for a Halloween costume.

The Halloween Costumes

Although this holiday is a little distant for many Bulgarians, every year there is a growing mood among young and old, which imperceptibly perhaps, paves the way for the Halloween traditions of our country.

But remember that a large part of the experience is to masking not just as a bad person, but to enter the traditional role of the evil image of the traditions of past centuries. And if for some it is easy given beforehand the tradition of our mummers, others need guidance.

In this regard, we decided to gather some of the most popular ideas for a Halloween costume for you to make your choice.

1. Devil Or Angel
You can make different combinations of jacket and pants or other clothing that can be combined in black and white. In addition, there are good options for wings or horns that will ideally complement your overall look with vintage supplies for Halloween.

2. Captain Cook
The evil Captain Cook from the story of Peter Pan is a very elegant solution, especially if your mate falls for pirates, or wants to be famous piratka Jane Morgan evening. Moreover, the emphasis in this suit may fall on a plastic hook (such accessories abound everywhere) and piratksa elegant hat. In fact, given the success of the saga ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, you should have no problem finding other ideas in this direction.

3. Death
If you fans of Brad Pitt, surely remember Kulov film with his participation ‘encounter Joe Black’. In it, Brad Pitt acted as death. His performance was unforgettable, and if you’ve seen the movie, and you can stop this character is definitely going to have not only a good idea for a Halloween costume, but good ideas on how to entertain throughout the evening.

4. Express Yourself
For energetic natures that do not save energy entertainment is very suitable idea to use good old-fashioned tools makeup in Toza including any creams and ointments, which can filthy face and hair beyond recognition. Interestingly in this approach is that you can be interesting and fun without having to look like a specific character, and besides, if you’re a couple, it could ‘mask’ each other in a way that you think is most suitable for each of you.

5. Ghost
Masquerading as a ghost. To do this you could refer to the various mysterious symbols, including sunglasses, a hat and a candle in his hand. Moreover, you can unleash your imagination and you will have an inexhaustible source of ideas ‘behavior’ during the festivities, which neither you nor your friends will get bored.

6. Known Villain
Choose a known villain, and appropriate enhancement of its environment, thereby reminding him. Here the choice is large – from Darth Vader to Frankenstein. The good thing here is that you have the ability to ‘combine’ with his mate to rob applause as a couple known characters.

7. The Addams Family
Adams family might not have poulyarni among all ages but is sufficiently known to recognize you. The idea is suitable for a large group as typical black clothes and makeup may be sufficient to prepare at the last minute and still manage to spend wonderful.

8. Animal
Mask animal is also suitable for the occasion, especially if it is a wild beast that give you to behave wildly. Furthermore, your mate could be put on interesting clothes and colors, imitating or ‘half’ of the beast, or the beauty of the eponymous tale.

9. Catwoman
Single women probably would like to impression as Catwoman or even Spider Woman. In both cases, characteristic of the clothes is pitch-color red and black.

10. Vampire
After the success of the movie Twilight, and continuous ads participants vampires, probably every young man who seeks his mate would like to masquerade as vampri. Besides the message that such a suit make because of the relationship with the love saga between mode vampire and teenage ‘suit’ is the easiest, tuck you can spend the evening wearing lbimite clothes and only occasionally donating others with dazzling his vampire ‘smile.

11. Witch
The suit witch is not only the most traditional but also most suitable for the young and for those for whom the holiday is just a little enjoyable time spent in merry company

12. Angry Birds
Literally in minutes may look like angry bird character from your favorite game. If you watch the video to find out what you need and how to mask.