Internet Fashion Trends

You not always have to follow the traditions to create their own business following their passions. Internet and new methods for making fashion. The example of Alessandra Facchinetti.
Uniqueness The fashion brand has opened a temporary store in via Montenapoleone only a few days, however, its path is not without experience, in fact, Alessandra Facchinetti , the ‘creator of the brand has given life to his’ maison’ in a way nothing short of anti -traditional : breaking the rules that most of the designers have used, she has created a path of his own, with the ‘help of the fastest method of communication: the network.

For those unfamiliar with Alessandra, here is some basic information: in addition to being the daughter of Roby Facchinetti, worked very young age for several Italian fashion houses such as Prada , Gucci , Montclair and finally Valentino . In 2011, then he decided to go on their own and created in collaboration with Pinko, the Uniqueness brand.

Yes, you have never heard this name in the Milan fashion shows programs, because the designer wanted to start from the Internet away from traditional handbook of the fashion system. The site presents its products week by week; the garments shown on the network are readily available. Even here c ‘is a novelty, because in addition to the products, you can see the creative process by which they were designed, thanks to the presence of the relevant illustrations and moodboards.

The first field experiment of the traditional retailing was in London last month, with the ‘opening of the temporary shop Uniqueness .
To the surprise of the same Alessandra, the people were enthusiastic about the products, went in and out from the store, buying clothes although they did not know the brand. This gave confidence to open one in Milan. She herself has said that for now wants to continue to work more on the internet, in the Uniqueness programs yet there are no parades or branded stores.

Alessandra has understood the world of fashion forward, drawing a bit ‘even at Zara and H & M, which are always changing their collections, and she tells  that this is a great way to encourage customers to return to see what’s new, to keep alive the ‘attention. Brilliant idea, no? The stilsta understood that the network is a very important asset to his field, an expert in technology companies themselves and of those who are in charge of management, who does not own a smartphone with which it does just about everything?
The maisons should give more space to the network and especially adapt to the change that the new generations have already faced; The world is spinning much faster: tweets, facebook pages, fashion blog , allow everything.

Alessandra had a very good intuition and is continuing to have it, we can not help but