Internet Gains in Popularity of Television in China

Despite the television still be the entertainment number one Chinese families, a survey shows that times may be changing rapidly in the country of the Great Wall. According to data from a survey conducted by the company CTR China (link translated into Portuguese), between the years 2009 and 2010 the time spent watching TV fell 42.5% in the country, while the time spent surfing the internet grew 44 8%.

The figures show that last year 72.8% of Chinese watched television every day, while 62.8% are connected to network and 42.1% read newspapers. Despite their increased popularity, the Chinese on average spent 133 minutes in front of the TV while they spent on average 155 browsing the network.

One of the reasons that explain the growth of the network in the country is offering a vast amount of programming of local TV channels on the Internet, with particular attention to some novels and the transmission of the New Year ceremonies and the Spring Festival.

“The results show that respondents between 15 and 34 years are choosing to watch TV in the network, and this behavior can also be seen in the consumption of other content,” the report says. “The merger is an inevitable trend in the development of the media. Different media depend on each other and adapt to the tastes of consumers, “concludes.