iPhone 7 Are Performing Drop Tests Better Than iPhone 6s

iPhone 7 are bad enough the country in stores before the first drop tests are published. One of the more accurate drop tests are now out and there is progress to track.

Apple’s iPhones have never been among the most resistant smartphones, especially when it comes to screens-but the manufacturer has, however, nor tried to turn them into it.

Nor with the year’s iPhone 7 are the recipe for the design changed significantly compared to last year’s iPhone 6s, but nevertheless, there are improvements to be found in the new iPhone.

YouTube-channel PhoneBuff has, in fact, performed one of his classic drop tests, which are carried out under controlled conditions as possible so thanks to a professional machine, which at the same time releasing two phones from exactly 1 meters down on a stone surface.

The first part of the test is to test the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s in a fall, so they land on, respectively, back, bottom, one side and the front. The two iPhones performing inserts quite identical, which is seen easing scares by the first two falls. After the phones lands frontally on the rough surface, it splits both monitors, however, but the result is just bad on both phones.

The two phones have so fared through the first part, since they are still fully functional. Thus, it is on to the bonus round, which dropped with the front facing down is repeated until the phones can no longer be operated. Since the iPhone last year came to the test in the 6s torture machine, performed the 5 additional case before it went completely to pieces.

Better than iPhone 6s, but several competitors are better

The question is, of course, about the iPhone 7 can handle as many as its predecessor. If you have just invested 6,000-7,000 dollars in Apple’s new top model, you can breathe a sigh of relief for iPhone 7 are actually better. It performs for 8 additional case before it stops working. Thus, there is a little progress to track, although there continue to be used in the same so-called 7000-series aluminum alloy and glass as in iPhone 6s.

When the procedure provided for in all PhoneBuffs drop tests are completely identical, making it also the results substantially more comparable than other drop tests. So how does the iPhone 7 itself in relation to its competitors? Not so bad even.

iPhone 7 are the 5. most durable smartphone that is tested by YouTube channel within the past one and a half year’s time. Thus, it performs better than the iPhone, HTC One M9 6s, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy 5 and 6 Galaxy S7, while the must see themselves beaten by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, HTC, Motorola Moto Z Force 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.