iPhone 7 Make Mysterious Hvislelyd Under Load

Several owners of iPhone 7 recounts, that it creates a mysterious Swish from the processor when it gets down to hard work.

Although there is hardly a problem in the same league as bendgate, can be a problem with the new iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 be afoot.

More and more users are reporting about a problem that goes on, that the two new phones have a tendency to make a hvislelyd during use of the phone.

The first to report about the problem is the user Stephen Hackett, who is behind the website 512pixels.In a tweet he shares this 13 seconds long YouTube video, where you can hear a distinct Swish from his iPhone 7 Plus.

Also Darrell Etherington, who writes for the website TechCrunch, may on Twitter report about the same problem with his brand new iPhone 7. According to several users should sound remind a little of a blower in a laptop that hurtles off, but of course much lower. In iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 of course there is no room for a fan, so the sound is believed to come from the new A10 Fusion processor in the phones.

This sound shows it as as soon as iPhone or iPhone 7 7 comes under load, URf.eks. by opening a app. It comes also from the back upper area where the processor is hiding. The most obvious would be that there was noise from the speakers, but that is not the case, since they are in the completely other end of the phone.

Stephen Hackett, who recorded the short video, contacted Apple Care about the problem, and Apple immediately went in the process of reverse phone, although there is not a new model ready yet for Exchange. It can therefore suggest that there is a defect on a small percentage of the produced iPhones, but it is yet another problem that remains to be examined.

The popular YouTube user Unbox Therapy also after a ton of Twitter queries tested whether there is something about the talk-and sure enough. His iPhone 7 also do this mysterious sound. In the three following videos you can hear the mysterious sound from the two new iPhones.