iPhone 7 Smashing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Speed Tests

iPhone 7 WINS with lengths over Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a new test, which the telecommunications ‘ speed and multitasking tested side-by-side.

Apple already has performed impressively well over for Android-the competitors when it comes to multitasking and heavy work with a multitude of applications and games running at once.

Last year’s iPhone 6s have thus already turned on Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 7, and now Baggins Apple thick line below, that the new iPhone 7 with Apple’s A10 Fusion processor is the fastest and best on the market.

YouTube-channel PhoneBuff, who also is behind yesterday’s drop test between iPhone and iPhone 7 6s, have put the new iPhone 7 up against Samsung’s top model, Galaxy Note 7.

The not-too-scientific, test is quite simple. As soon as possible, a list of 14 selected apps that are available for both Android and iOS, opens. The first gives an indication of how fast the phones is to open and start up the individual apps and games. Here the player RAM, processor, storage, styresytemerne, and, not least, the optimization of the individual apps all together a role.

A minute inside the test is the difference between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy 7 Note 7 not exceptionally high, where it is iPhone 7, which is fastest and is about two apps in front of Galaxy Note 7. Suddenly pokes Apple’s top model, however, from Samsung, as the tour comes to the app’s lapse it ‘, which can be rendered a timelapse video.

Just 1 minute and 14 seconds should iPhone 7 use to shimmy through the 14 apps, and now it’s another task that must be mastered: to keep all apps open in memory, so that they do not want to start up from scratch. It can be frustrating especially in game and result in long waits.

It is a discipline which iPhone 7 certainly mastered with its tiny 2 GB RAM. All 14 apps kept running in the background, and this means that it only takes iPhone 7 26 seconds to complete the second phase. Therefore, the total time is 1 minute and 40 seconds for iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lags hopelessly after iPhone 7

Most remarkable is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at this time remains in the time with first place. The whole 2 minutes and 4 seconds should therefore go to open the same apps once, as iPhone 7 so was 50 seconds faster on. Only now will it prove about Note 7 ‘s 4 GB RAM major to something.

Users of Samsung’s latest top models have previously endured with a very aggressive RAM management, so that only relatively few apps and games that can be kept running in the background. The same can be seen with Note 7, where more of the heavy games can be loaded from the front, and that is why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 first finished the entire test after 3 minutes and 14 seconds – almost twice as long as it took the iPhone 7.

Just as several benchmarks have shown, hurtles iPhone 7 so away with unprecedented speed, where none of the Android competitors longer can follow with. Although the specifications on iPhone 7 may not look flashy, so a completely different story when it comes to daily use.