iRobots Build in Future iPhone 6

iPhones are Built in the Future of Robots

Foxconn, a major Chinese contract manufacturer for Apple and the new iPhone 6, has announced to put iPhones in the future when assembling the Apple even more automation and manufacturing with robots. So far about one million Chinese workers for the group work, iPhone 6 building together. A few months ago, Foxconn sought 100,000 new workers about a vacancy to establish the desired Apple units of the new iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 6

In the Future, Robots Assemble the iPhones

What now still hard-working Chinese migrant workers make iPhone 6 for the world market to assemble: the new, to be automated soon. For the mounting of the successor of iPhone 6 and co. Foxconn increasingly on robot wants to put even the first ten thousand robots during the production of the new iPhone 6 could take up their work Yes it – this announced the CEO of Foxconn, Terry Gou, at a general meeting of shareholders.

Ten thousand robots should approximately cost between 20,000 and 25,000 dollars apiece and assemble 30,000 smartphones in the cut – Foxconn could produce automatically with these iRobots 300 million units of the noble case for Apple cell phones. Foxconn wants to insert these so-called “Foxbots” only for themselves and not sell the underlying technology to the competition.

First beneficiaries of robot production at Foxconn could be Apple with its iPhone 6, because as the Taiwanese news magazine reported IT home, the test phase of the robot factory is nearly complete, the robot could get started so soon with the prefabricated of the iPhone 6. So Foxconn saves costs and make more profit on shareholders. Maybe Apple can offer cheaper new iPhones this way. Or do still keep more profit. On the road the 100,000 and more employees of Foxconn – definitely probably remain without iPhone.

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