It Lengthens Your Lashes with This Foolproof Trick

The tabs are like our hair, they need many special care if what we want is to see them grow. Before that all must remember that the food we eat are super important to keep intact our eyelashes, lack of vitamins and minerals can cause these remain weak and fall.
Our eyelashes brushing is important to stimulate their growth, so what you can do is use a brush of a mascara that you no longer use, wiping and brushing your eyelashes every night before going to sleep.

Eating foods with vitamin C is very important for the healthy growth of the eyelashes. Lemon, Orange, kiwi, among other fruits are excellent vitamin C.

In addition if we want our eyelashes are left in place and do not fall, we must avoid frequently rub our eyes since it can weaken them and make is falling. Always remove makeup our eyes is important to keep our eyelashes strong & healthy.


Our trick to grow eyelashes is to use oil. However, it is not any oil, it is the wonderful castor oil, which is proven that makes quickly grow eyelashes and also makes these more populated. But… How do you use it? Easy! Dip a swab in castor oil liberally applied in each of the tabs. Does this every day, before you go to sleep. You will see that in a few weeks you will have these wonderful eyelashes you’ve always wanted.