Jackets: Wadding Or Pen

When we go out for a walk through the Valley, a tour of the Mount or a route quiet mountain, depending on the time of year, is essential to wear a garment that give us heat, or better said, to keep our body heat.

We have plenty of options, but today we will focus on two of them, which are of feather or cotton-wool jackets as described in outdoor clothing. Each of them has its own characteristics and then we will let them you show that you know how to assess what clothing is the most recommended depending on what activity certainly.

Characteristics Of The Jackets Of Wadding:

They are windproof,

They perspire more than the pen,

They have easier maintenance,

They dry very fast,

They continue to make heat even wet,

They may have termination pearling or water-resistant (repels the first drops of rain)

They are more expensive than the down jacket,

The Down Jacket Features:

These jackets have more than an equal weight padding jacket,

They occupy less volume to save

They weigh much less than a jacket of wadding that provide the same heat.

They may have termination pearling or water-resistant (repels the first drops of rain)

Care is these jackets is very delicate, where here we show a feather garment care tips.

And then there is a jackets that we call hybrid where combines the benefits of different materials such as for example wadding and pen contributing in every place its optimal function.

Characteristics Of Hybrid Pen And Batting Jackets:

They have pen in chest and back which is where heat is needed

Shoulders have wadding (a backpack would crush the pen, wadding works better than the pen in terms of compression, in addition if it rains, it would be the first part of the jacket which is mojaría)

In the arms and torso have wadding (to give greater mobility and breathability respectively)

They may have termination pearling or water-resistant (repels the first drops of rain)

They weigh less than a complete jacket of wadding.

Cheaper than a fully jacket

Then, after disposing of all the features of the different types of jackets: what jacket should I choose?

  1. If you don’t need much heat input, are going to perform output sporadic, low intensity or medium intensity, would recommend use of a simple batting jacket.
  2. If you are looking for a technical garment, to physically more intense activities where mobility, more breathable, you need a supply of heat medium and lower weight technical wadding jacket would recommend.
  3. If you need a garment that brings you the heat of pen, having good breathability, a set weight and mobility, would recommend a hybrid jacket.

4 and if you are looking for a jacket that occupy and weigh little, for moments of little intense activity and to quickly provide heat pen, would recommend jacket.

Two of the more popular characteristics models would be wadding Arpenaz 20 jacket for those walks to the mountain of low intensity, whose characteristics would be simplicity, balance calor-transpiracion, pearling termination and a very affordable price; and the hybrid boom and wadding Xlight jacket where we have a jacket that brings heat in the chest and back with the pen (75% 25% feather down, 540 cuins), we maintain mobility in arms, a hood to protect the head from the inclemency of the weather, good breathability in the torso if the activity requires it, finish perlante and a very good price.