Japanese Nail Art Design


For several years now the world of cosmetics has seen open up a new prospect of gain: the nail art. This art is to decorate nails in various ways and possible creative. The most amazing innovations, however, are from Japan. In this country, the art of make up your nails is very old and highly respected by men attracted by its expertly decorated female fingernails. This type of technique often suffers the trend influences, the colors of the seasons and is inspired by trends in other countries. In this guide we will see along the nail art nail in Japanese style.


Make sure you have on hand:

Enamel powder blue, white, pink, brown and transparent

Stickers for nail art

Machine uv rays

In the land of the rising sun, this technique is the basis of local fashion for a long time, and came up to us offering new ideas for decorating nails both at home and professionally. A prime example that I propose is very simple to do, what we need are four different colored enamels: white, pink, dark brown and powder blue. The first thing to do important is the careful cleaning of the nails without leaving residues of enamel, so you have to give before you hand glaze sugar paper and allow to dry naturally. Take an old brush for eyeliner, draw now on the nail of the lines with brown glaze as if you wanted to draw a tree with branches. Do the same on all the nails that you want to decorate. Let it dry and proceed ahead with the white enamel. Put on some of the nails decorated small balls attached to the little tree branches that you just made ​​(of course all the objects you can retrieve nail stickers from http://www.wholesaleably.com/online/nail-stickers/ at very low cost), while in other nails do the same but with the pink nail polish and let dry. The result will be to have on your nails beautiful peach trees and cherry. Beautiful, is not it? Try you too, this decoration is simple and does not require a huge financial price.

Another way to decorate nails in the Japanese style is to make a nail art in 3D. Obviously the first time you make this technique will not be easy but it can give you incredible results over time. It is a decoration which in addition to painting with the enamel on the nails must also apply the objects in such a way as to result in not a smooth surface but emerged clearly, and then gives you the illusion of 3d. On your nails, you can apply from the Pearl rhinestones, from the star to the doll, from flowers to fruit miniatures, in a few words you can put whatever you like and match pairs that are more fashionable.

The 3d nail art process is very long and complex because it covers not only the extension to be applied with the gel is the machine to UV rays. However there is an alternative for everyone that does not last very much but certainly will make a splendid figure if you are going to a theme party or a reception. Applied on the nails a transparent glaze and when dry apply the reasons of your choice that you can buy in a specialized store or collect it from the internet. They are beads or stars or whatever and you simply apply nail attacking them as they are of stickers.Having said all this, there remains to try this revolutionary technique yourself and give rope to your most extravagant fantasy.


Never forget:

Remember to let it dry every time the nail before applying the objects