Kenner Women Sandals

Comfort And Style-Slippers Kenner Female Line.

Everyone has their moments of rest and, to live them, nothing can be better than a good rubber slippers on your feet to help relax. Women, especially, are living constantly on high heels and tiring, so the desire for an end of day might just be a beautiful and comfortable Sandals model Kenner.

According to, the sandals and slippers are fully prepared in Kenner rubberized material, guaranteed comfort, safety, quality, and time off for your feet. They are basically the same as any normal slipper, but has for the most part a very modern design and differentiated.

The female models have passed and strips with colorful rubber with transparency, in addition to the soles with the most varied and fun prints that combine with several moments of your day.

The brand started a long time ago, however pleasing in most boys. Over time there was a recast, which kept the traditional models that were consideraos unisex, inserting a line devoted fully to consumers. Soft, cute and trendy, no is everything a woman could possibly want?

Lips is the name given to the part of the collection destined only to the female audience, mostly young women, many still teenagers, who are delighted by the beauty, convenience and modernity of the slippers, plus they are totally cozy.

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