Kickass Torrents Y La Lena from The Fallen Tree: Four Clones and One Attempt with Surprise

Not only is that made the law, made the trap, also still own trap trap. This redundancy is a case that, after the fall of KickassTorrents (KAT) after taking over the Department of Justice of United States seven of their domains, the clones have well taken little out (something that was already when something similar happened with Pirate Bay).

At Engadget have already mentioned one of them, Kickasstorrents Mirror, which has come from the hand of isoHunt and that has taken advantage of part of the databases of KAT. But it is not the only one who has come out and the implication is that some of them may be fraudulent.

Dead dog multiplied the rubbings

In addition to the creators of these sites of reserves of torrents, it is all a community of users that is not prepared until the service stops and then to that, both in the case of Pirate Bay this not is has taken nothing to try to restore service. In one of them we also find the link to the petition at so release Artem Paulin, founder of KAT and detained in Poland. maintains the KAT interface but do not appear ads

This site that we’re talking about now is Here we see that to search any content we see that it is exactly the same interface as the KAT, although in this case by going from a page does not open to another any other tab or they come out ads. On The Verge have contacted their creators and these explain “staying on multiple servers in the cloud to prevent the blockade”.

As for the source of torrents, ensure that they will have access to the complete database of KAT, including feedback and user information. At the moment the website is functional (on The Verge commented that they had a problem with access, we at the moment have had access without incident) and has at least part of the original databases.

The danger of appearances

Other clones that at the moment we have found are and It’s accurate reproductions of the web in terms of page sections, taking even the FAQ and comments from users. We can access at least to part of the torrents (without knowing to what extent there is access) and discharges are initiated without impediments, coinciding searches among them and with the clones that we have already quoted.

But yes, when we try to register or initiate session leads to an external website unrelated to KAT. And in addition both will firing Windows with ads pretty suspicious for each click you make in our navigation. Here if we can note navigation, or the freight are somewhat more problematic and indeed in dxtorrent we have come to catch a notice that was offline for a few moments (it has been brief, here as in they use Cloudflare, a backup in the cloud service).

In the case of more to download torrents we discharged money

On the other hand is trying to clone (spoiler: can perhaps save the click) with the URL Here we are not the homepage with the search field, but that we have a big button that indicates that you download, so good at first. And what we discharged? Well, apparently discharged money, because both the big ‘Download’ button and tabs “Unblock” and “Download” at the top lead us to an announcement of a “Fast VPN” service for about $10 a month.

Also speaks of downloading an application that does not download links, but explains in detail what is downloading torrents (throughout its history, in fact). And the truth is that apparently their creators have it updated with a news section with latest content dating back to date (July 22), in relation to the arrest of Paulin. However, in no time they explain their own purpose with this web pseudoclonada and indeed signed it happily with a “copyright” of KickassTorrents.

Everything is in the air

At the moment these sites are running while the original KAT is still offline, although in these cases there is always some volatility and It can be that one ceases to exist in brief (at the end and at the end have the same risk as the original, even though take care of their databases). In addition to sites that have chosen to be in the image and likeness of the original, there are others like Unblocked representing another alternative source of torrents.