Larger Display: ARCHOS Introduces Diamond Plus

ARCHOS also would like to introduce a brand new product on the weekend at the IFA. Biggest unique selling points when compared to the older models of the 4G-Reihe plus are the larger display, as well as the modified design of the diamond. So, the Smartphone features a black laminated, 5.5-inch HD display with IPS technology. The silver rear side of the housing is slightly rounded, making the device more lie in the hand should.

Faster processor

Diamond plus is equipped with 1.5 ghz with the fleet octa-core processor cortex A53. This apps, games, and browsing the Internet to go according to the manufacturer quickly and liquid place. The operating system, ARCHOS lollipop has opted for Android 5.1. Optimised battery management with energy-saving mode is to complete the new Android features. The Smartphone also has a Schnelllladefunktion. The main camera on the back breaks with 16 Megapixel (MP), the front camera has a resolution of 8 MP. The lens is made of five elements through the F2, 0-aperture are super wide angle shots possible.

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Extension of memory by Fusion storage

Space strikes the diamond plus with 16 gigabytes (GB) to beech and can replenish a microsd card up to 32 GB. The in-house software ARCHOS fusion storage also allows an extension of the internal space. To brings together the memory of microsd card with internal memory, so that a total amount of memory is available. Practically, so you can work around from camps and the limits of the internal memory apps. The Archos Diamond plus in November with a non-binding price recommendation 279,99 EUR trade supposed to.