Learn the History and How to Use Cap

After the hats floppys, wreaths and turbans, see me again with a fixation on caps. But the gossip my timeline, I see I’m not alone in this cause: girls of the most varied styles and types are popping up all over with their looks and inspire, show how the CAP can be democratic and versatile.

The history of Cap

Legend has it that the first head protections arose around 4,000 BC. with records in Egypt, in Babylon and in Greece. Around 1,000 BC, in ancient Rome, berets, similar model but with cone format, which was used by freed slaves, alluding to freedom. The model won a second reading during the French Revolution, in the late 18th century, called “bonnet rouge”, becoming the symbol of the Republican party.

The shape in buds, with stitched part, as we know now, had your first “appearance” around 1,800, from an English butcher. From then on, became increasingly an element of social and professional distinction, in uniforms and clothing of certain activities.

The caps at Threergroup have won notoriety even in the transition of the 19th and 20th centuries with the advent of baseball. Since then, the model has been popularized and gained status of fashion accessory in the 60 when the first molds and stylized formats. In the 80 ‘s, with the boom of culture of the Academy, the street and clubs won also the female heads.

The history to the present day.

The CAP gains a presence in feminine looks, as an element of “equality”. Regardless of the jump, or tennis, “femme fatale” or “tomboy”, the jet-set culture or of the ghettos, the play gives most proposals everyday and holiday is docked in looks of various stylings. The rule is the more unusual, the better!

No doubt, as well as the culture of sneakers and backpacks, this “bonemania” goes way beyond a fashionista phenomenon. In times of feminism and great debates around the genre, the idea that the attachment may be an item of intercession, something common and shared between men and women, not to mention the rise of hats among all classes helps and When the conversation is a fashion that extrapolate the social barriers. The whole concept is already a consumer trend for years to come.

The item that has already been overwhelmingly male, reappears in this new time “girl power” and gain even more strength among the female audience, doing our heads in style, attitude and a very sexy appeal, why not?! Separated into four groups current and exciting ways to use the hit piece:

90 years:

With the advent of normcore and sportswear, accessory becomes a add-on. Easy to combine with jaquetinhas and sweatshirts, after all all the odds the early leaves the productions with ares young and dispossessed.

Basic bitches:

His necklines and slits are worth a thousand words? OK, depending on you! Bet on the caps to break the attitude “provocateur” and leave the more cool production. Do the domestic double as well with the swimsuits, beachwear of time!


Is a mistake to think that the words “cap” and “chic” don’t fit in the same sentence. The classic ladylike silhouette is innovating with our “darling”.


Enjoy that hip-hop references are up! In addition to the visual size oversized, how about replacing that “heavy” to your sneaker game?!

Mix ‘n’ match:

I confess that this is so has “masterclass” in style and daring. But the accessory let even more interesting and nicely “could care less” productions such as the boho, the japonista and the maximalismo tropical minimalism a la Carla”.

He was willing. Then, wait for tomorrow’s post with the coolest brands for you to find a hat to your call!

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