Look of the Day by Canton

Such “look of the day” turned mania not only among the bloggers, but among all women who one way or another are connected in the world in fashion. Fotinhas taken in front of the mirror to post on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook, we can say that share the look (other than work, ballad or even at the gym) became trend! Is it really? Something is fact: there is no fashion inspiration for everyday and a wardrobe full of options! That’s why we enjoy the our legs for the city, since we’re always flirting with in the windows, and we brought to you a Fashion Editorial stuffed of looks for driving the fashionistas on duty. Ahhhh and clarooo I ever stay here one more tip of little present for Valentine’s Day, after all a beautiful clothes is never too much for a woman’s closet!

Today our “pit stop” is in Canton, carioca brand we love! We set up several productions, with clothing, shoes and accessories that we stay in love … There are several ideas for ladies who want to bet on the “Look of the day”! In winter, the Canton follows North: icy Nordic tribes beaches, vikings. References to patterns and embroidery inspired in distant clans are mixed to the colorful and strength of the pictures, features of the brand. The mixture of textures warms the collection, unfolded in ways that surround and protect the body. Always comfortable and with everything to please the fashionistas, she passes by the streetwear, mixing ethnic variations of the classical forms of jeanswear with gowns, scarves and the shape of the pull, carrying a color chart that goes from reddish to Sandy and earthy, silver and gold through bright colors, like blue and orange. Girls, it’s love at first sight! The looks that we put together were full of bossa and style, it’s impossible not to fall in love!