Look of the Day: like Mother, like Daughter!

Hey Divas!

All right with you?

This week I went to a birthday party for 15 years and had that the crisis: I have nothing to wear #Who never?
So … When I went to the mall with my mom powerful buy the gift of birthday boy, I fell and temptation and spent the card! After hours and hours in search of a play “X” which, for a change, not found (I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wonder some clothes in my mind and not quiet until you buy the blessed. The problem is almost never find my desires, so I always get angry! RS), I ended up buying this dress long, because I think I’m going to use enough now in the summer!

The price was not the most inviting ($ 249.00), but I thought it was fair and had this Tulle on the back that made all the difference! When I got home, I put the dress on and guess what: I didn’t like! lol … I thought this drawing in the belly area kind of got fat and created an optical illusion of a pot belly that does not exist (because I was strap on!), but as had given 250 bucks in it I decided to use it anyway and enjoyed it so much that I even repeated the dose.

On Wednesday used the dress again with a very different proposal: Sandals, denim shirt and loose hair, and I liked it! Sorry I forgot to register the look! Anyway, despite being a striking piece by length, by print and tulle, you can do several different looks and always with a footprint fashion! RS

How you guys always ask me pictures of my mother, managed to register her look for you! Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures since she got all embarrassed and wouldn’t let me register more, but what counts is the look that is beautiful to live and that has already be copying! Lol

And then divas … What do you think?
Mom is approved?? Want to see more looks of it here?
I hope you enjoyed it!

Ahhh … This week was the Week of Fashion Shopping Praia da Costa and Monday will have a super post telling the details of the clapper! Wait For Us! RS