Looks Spring/Summer 2016

PRE-PA-RA that today’s Fashion Editorial in the website, with multiple looks and inspirations for who’s keeping an eye on what comes around for the next few seasons. The time when the little black dress reigned in the windows and the color was the favorite of most women. Nowadays the macaws of the shops are increasingly stuffed with colorful pieces, stamped, lavishing the Braziliantropicalism, rain or shine! The collection spring/summer will not escape the rules … The back color chart highlights: pink (blush), yellow, light blue (pool), orange (orange), which was chosen as the color of the year, red (shown as the new “little black dress”), forest (green) and blue macaw. New trends in stamping will be: tropical flowers, ethnic prints, multi-coloured, floral decorative nature (with varied colors) and the animal print (cats).

Ehhh winter hasn’t even finished, but the summer breeze ever surrounds us on all sides. In fact, that winter? As the heat ask cheerful colors and a more cool, we went in search of new developments that are already appearing in the windows. Today, premiering here on the THEDRESSWIZARD, we want to introduce you to the newly opened store in Campo Grande (MS) but that is already making the greatest success. The partners (which gives its name to the store), and his mother Monica Beletini started selling clothes at home, but due to high demand and growth in sales, they decided to open a new space to receive best friends and customers. The store offers to the female audience with clothes and accessories well jovial, latest trends in the fashion universe, and best of all: price super friend, the way that we love, and sales for all Brazil. No wonder there lives full of chicks going wild! This Friday (12/07) the store will perform the launch cocktail collection spring/summer, 3:00 pm at 9:00 pm, and we were invited to confer on first hand the novis. But of course our readers didn’t get out… hehehehehe… we enjoyed our visit to the store to mount an Editorial Fashion beautiful, filled with looks and inspirations, for you already feel the taste of what they will find there starting tomorrow!