LTE Data Flat To The Hammer Price: 3 Gb Volume For Only 9,99 Euro

The crash rate flat 3,000 Internet is a data Flatrate in the telecom network and monthly costs 9.99 euros. Thanks to LTE, they’re on the way up to 50 megabits per second (mbit / s) even many DSL connection not comes afterwards. Whopping 3 gigabytes inclusive volume available is available per month. So are also frequent surfers or friends of video and music streaming on the go at their own expense. The volume is gone, you can surf for the rest of the month with low GPRS speed.

For sale: LTE-data-flat by crash for 9,99 Euro

Notice don’t forget

Since crash charged a connection fee or cost of shipping the SIM card when you order online, it’s the 9.99 euros the monthly effective price. The minimum contract period is 24 months, then the normal price of the tariff rises the basic fee to EUR 19.99 per month. You should remember so, to terminate the contract in a timely manner. The cancellation period is 3 months before expiration of the contract term. Otherwise, the contract is extended for a further year.

Significantly cheaper than the competition

While there are other providers more favourable data flat rates with 3 gigabytes surf volume for example the 1 & 1 notebook-flat L. But they use a not the cellular network of Telekom, on the other hand here get a surfing speed of not more than 21.6 Mbps. Similar rates as about the 2-GB-LTE fare by more a month are significantly more expensive and contain not so much volume with 5 to 10 euro. If you come out with less than 1 gigabyte monthly inclusive volume, takes on the fare product calculators by Our site but also cheaper rates.

Limited piece number

The bargain promotion on the Internet site of crash will run until Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 23:59. The quota is limited, however; currently available (Wednesday afternoon) just 1,000 packages at a low price.