Magazine Luiza Commission Launches Program to Facebook

The second largest electronics chain in Brazil is ready to come in full force on the Internet. The Magazine Luiza announced this week the release of “You Magazine”, a kind of affiliate program in which the Internet will receive commission for selling products recommended in the social networks.

Having an account on Facebook, the social network users can now use the application Magazine you to recommend products offered by Magazine Luiza to your friends on the service. The operating logic is similar to any affiliate program: there is a fee per item sold, referring to a percentage calculated on the value of the sale.

This percentage depends on the category of product that is for sale. For example, computer items guarantee the person who recommended the product through the Magazine You 2.5% of the amount paid for the product.

Check out the list of product categories and percentages to which the “seller” is entitled.

  • Automotive – 2.5%.
  • Baby – 4.5%.
  • Beauty and health – 4.5%.
  • Toys – 4.5%.
  • Footwear – 2.5%.
  • Bed, bath and table – 2.5%.
  • Home & Garden – 4.5%.
  • Cell phones and – 2.5%.
  • Cine and photo – 2.5%.
  • Appliances – 2.5%.
  • Electronics – 2.5%.
  • Appliances – 4.5%.
  • Sport and leisure – 4.5%.
  • Tools and security¬†– 4.5%.
  • Football – 2.5%.
  • Computers and accessories – 2.5%.
  • Musical Instruments – 2.5%.
  • Furniture and decoration – 4.5%.
  • Perfumery – 4.5%.
  • Watches – 2.5%.
  • Housewares – 4.5%.

Unlike other affiliate programs available on the Internet, the Magazine Luiza is only for individuals – companies will not be admitted. All payment information and the legal part of it can be found in the magazine app you on Facebook.

The inicitiva of Magazine Luiza can be framed as social e-commerce, where social networks are used to offer and sell products. That old story revendor Natura / Avon / Jequiti applied to the virtual world.

They say the Magazine You will also have app for Orkut, but I have not found this page. The idea is that you mount your window and offer products special for your friends.