Magentamobil Home And Family Card: Telekom Abolishes Prepaid Tariff

Update (14 September 2015): no prepaid tariff for new customers

The new Telekom-prepaid rate magentamobil start replaced now the classic prepaid tariff Xtra. Magentamobil is called while prepaid, but won’t address the name: monthly basic charges of EUR 2.95 apply. Existing customers have already used the Xtra card prior to the changeover, can continue to fully use the genuine prepaid tariff, announced the Press Office of Telekom. However, new customers must make do with the new tariff magentamobil. The new tariff is quite interesting for families and occasional users. Who wants to be only accessible but not takes mobile services, is for the complete elimination of a prepaid tariff annoying.

Original article (September 4, 2015):

Deutsche Telekom with two new tariffs on parents of children newly entering the cellular world is. Magentamobil home and family card start without binding contracts come out and offer a growing collective structure.

Under 100 euro: tariffs plus mobile phones for spenders

Family card start

The base fare family card is available from EUR 2.95 per month. In addition to telephone and SMS-flat, it contains also a unlimited parents flat to a destination number in the fixed network, that works even without credit. On request, the tariff locks the mobile data usage. For 2 or 7 Euro monthly family card can also augment start with 100 megabytes (MB) or 500 MB. The one-time price of the family card is 9.95 euros start. In addition activation receive a sign-up bonus of 10 euro.

Magentamobil start

The second family fare offers the same tariff benefits such as the family card start for 2.95 euros monthly. On request, here is one day flat for 99 cents and a data volume of 25 MB to book. Data start S and data start M for 2 euros or 7 euros monthly are available as options for the selection.