Man Burned by Galaxy Note 7: the Plaintiff Now Samsung

An American man is suing Samsung, after he became the victim of the failed battery in Galaxy Note 7, which suddenly exploded in his trouser pocket.

Although Samsung makes everything that stands in the South Korean manufacturer’s power in order to get all of the 2.5 million. Sold Galaxy Note 7 phones returned from the first buyers and exchanged it for a new model, it has not been possible to avoid damage to persons, property and possessions since the recall.

American Jonathan Strobel are among the unfortunate 92 owners in the United States, in a new statement from Samsung last week had experienced that Note 7 went up in flames. He is even among the 26 users in the United States that have been affected by fire damage due to error in the phone.

Therefore the plaintiff he according to Reuters now Samsung, after the battery in Note 7-phone short circuited, overheated and ignited himself immediately in his front trouser pocket the 9. September during a purchase in the store Costco. The 28-year-old American tried immediately to pull the phone out of his pocket. Therefore, he has not only gotten a bad burns on his right thigh, but also on the left thumb.

“He has a deep andengradsforbrænding about the size of the phone on his right thigh. Unfortunately for my client came back order too late, “ says his lawyer, Keith Pierro.

The result, therefore, in an action in court in Florida, where he is seeking damages of a yet unknown amount of hospital bill, loss of wages, pain, suffering and allegedly also for other injuries.

“We do not comment on pending litigation on yet. We urge all Note 7-owners to turn off their device and reverse it immediately “, informs spokeswoman in Samsung, Danielle Meister Cohen.

In addition to Jonathan Strobel has a father with his two children in South Carolina in the United States also experienced to come home to a fully udbrædt House, after Galaxy Note 7 went up in flames. Another American family from the city of St. Petersburg in Florida, the United States came home to the sight of a Jeep, which was engulfed by flames, where a Note 7 was to charge just as it did in the House.