MÁSmovil Also Lowers Its Data Rate of 1GB

Again the good news MÁSmovil as we were promised and if its only 5 cents per minute rate reduction was the first one, second to announce the its 1GB mobile internet rate rebate While in the next few weeks we expect a third novelty.

MÁSmovil low today all users rate flat of 1GB to 14.90 euros/month (as opposed to the 18 euros it cost so far) and maintains the conditions allow VoIP, not slow down and collect the excess traffic to 3 cents/MB.

They are certainly good news but perhaps there are already too many MVNOs with rates for voice and data so MÁSmovil has in his hand to launch his third surprise as a true novelty that differentiates them from the market. We have reached a point of unthinkable rates a few years ago and can that it has time to innovate in other aspects.