Melissa 2013 Footwear Collection

You like shoes comfortable, modern, beautiful and which attract all eyes? Then you close your look and makes it perfect for that party or Club, that you like to visit the new Footwear Collection Melissa 2013? We’re kicking this collection! In many years the Grendene, brand that manufactures and Mrs. Melissa line, wasn’t a so chic, beautiful, models, colors and textures so comfortable that you will desire to take is all home!

But after all, who is Melissa? Melissa is a line of women’s footwear that Grendene created in the late 70 and made huge success releasing the plastic shoes were cheap, beautiful, comfortable and easy to clean and use. Then Melissa’s has grown and has been innovating, creating multiple collections, including a whole pumpkin for girls a lot of style. See and learn a little more about the new Footwear Collection Melissa 2013 and be sure to check this news Grendene prepared for you!

What to do with my old shoes? How about free advertising their shoes and still earn a little money. Good idea huh.

The seventh art with everything in the collection Shoes Melissa 2013

Who doesn’t love a movie over the weekend with popcorn, soda and a company special? Imagine all this and you with a comfortable and beautiful model of the new collection? Then closed the evening more than perfect! Melissa Shoes 2013 collection comes with a very special collection this year and the success is already transpassando to the feet of women of all Brazil.

In this collection, the shoes were inspired by the seventh art and you can’t fall in love with the quality of the shoes that won Brazilian feet to more than 40 years and has been a trend in various part of the world. So when you go see a movie sure to go with one of these incredible models.

Fame of Shorty

Melissa 2013 models, as well as Melissa’s face, give more attention to shoes with a medium height down, i.e. the Melissa shoes are famous for not giving as much attention to the heels without even taking your value or not to have them in your Footwear Collection Melissa 2013. However, see some clackers begin to appear.

The detail is that while in other brands it is common to see more shoes always high, Melissa decided to take the idea that footwear without heel is no style or elegance, proving that in every annual collection. The brand values of Brazilian foot comfort that often need spend hours standing and need hot shoes to wear but without giving up the beauty.

Anabela Beautiful!

What woman doesn’t love wearing shoes with heels Anabela mainly in summer? Well, the jump is coming some time gaining also the face of winter and the Melissa Shoes Collection 2013 is beautifully gorgeous! Melissa Ptchuli VI is one of those models that any woman of taste will want to take to the hills home, but not to keep repeating the same template, how about using Melissa Prism III is a dream even more real? Real why are shoes worthy of Queens and Princesses and careful girl!

Women’s Moccasin

The male wardrobe has always been for the feminine inspiration. In footwear but we’ve always been a bit resistant to see sidewalks with shoes in men’s style. The macassim is called Melissa to docksides.

They are narrower in your drawing to match with the delicate way and legs thinner women and are perfect for use in casual moments as a walk outdoors with a pair of longer and raising the bar up, is chic and elegant.


Stylish women don’t go around with any shoe, they have to be with a beautiful footwear, to appear and leave all others green with envy. Jump is the fundamental point in the lives of these women, so the collection Shoes Melissa 2013 back you Melissa Spike, the Eagle III and Vivienne Westwood. The 3 have a wonderful and super comfortable heels, giving you the balance and elegance you need for floor time and hours during the day and love even more the collection Shoes Melissa 2013.

Classic always in fashion became known because launched plastic shoes and they never left your annual collection as well as are in this collection. With just a few modifications to make it even more special to melissa. The Hood Part IV is very practical and versatile.


The sneakers of Melissa are another classic that gained momentum thanks to brand. Today with colors and even a couple of discreet, you have a variety of models and colors to please all women, are from teenage girls to elderly women. This success owes Melissa Shoes Collection 2013 be much more modern without giving up the same beauty and quality of your tradition established more than 40 years in the national market.

Mini Melissas

To finish we had to finish with the mini melissas which are part of the collection and are suitable for babies and children. People is a sweetheart the minis melissas. Moms more owls can only buy those beauties “for their dolls. Whether for children or adults, the Melissa Shoes Collection is 2013.

Collection photos Melissa 2013