Microsoft: “If We Can Not Upgrade Your Computer to Windows 10, We’Ll Give You One”

Microsoft still trying to push the massive adoption of Windows 10, and its makers have recently announced a marketing campaign in United States which undertake to If you can not upgrade your computer, they will give you a Dell Inspiron 15.

The period of validity of the free upgrade from computers with legitimate Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to Windows 10 licenses ends on July 29, so Microsoft is trying to attract more people to update to the new version. That Yes: the offer has its small print.

Promotion valid from “only” portable Windows 8

Not worth any system, of course: only you can access that option in the physical stores Microsoft Store of the United States, but also only have laptops based on Windows 8. Nothing of PCs from desktop or equipment based on Windows 7, an operating system that remains which has larger market share around the world.

Those laptops must comply also with hardware requirements minimum to upgrade to Windows 10 which were established a year ago in addition to the legitimate license for Windows 8, and if you meet all these conditions, and Microsoft engineers cannot install Windows 10, they will give you a free Dell Inspiron 15.

The offer goes a bit beyond of fact: If another notebook in which you can not run Windows 10, Microsoft give away $150 credit for its shops that you can buy there a new handset that Yes can run on that operating system. If you live in the United States or Canada and want to take advantage of the offer, you can schedule an appointment on this web site.