Microsoft is Again Trying to Make its Own WSJ Smartwatch

Apple, Samsung, Google… and of course, Microsoft.According to the WSJ, which cites sources from the component industry in Asia, Microsoft will continue to manufacture its own hardware and this time will touch the device fashion: the smart clock or smartwatch. Or at least he wants to try.

According to, since the beginning of the year Microsoft would have been requesting different components from Asian suppliers to build their own smartwatch. It would thus join the trend of bringing technology to the wrist.

The prototype is being developed in a department of Microsoft and could start from a screen of 1.5 inches. If it were true, the contribution of Windows Phone would be key and in a way, the lace of the Lives Tiles of such operating system seem to fit very well on a watch screen.

SPOT, The First One Is Not Overdue

The funny thing is that the Redmond giant has already tried something similar years ago. SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) was how your program was known to carry specific data like time, stock exchange or message, to clocks and other devices using FM radio technology. Previously we had to indicate on our computer what we wanted to receive on the clock.

The SPOT program began in 2002, long before the explosion of advanced mobile telephony, and even had its watches thanks to brands like Fossil or Swatch. But they were expensive, up to $ 800 for a model with a touchscreen for example.

The SPOT program ended up being abandoned to its fate back in 2008, and it seems that now it could return from the hand of a new division of the company.Circumstances have changed and now technology makes everything easier.

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