Milan Fashion Week Trends Fall

No men’s fashion spring summer catwalks 2013 conventions. Pulls air of revolt.
There are those who like Miuccia Prada declaring a “restart”, eliminating the past with his quotes and abandoning the layers become unnecessary. The result is a collection for men and women. Or, you can tap into the wardrobe of him. A wardrobe essential, rigorous and done a few heads easily interchangeable. There are those who, instead, declares war on the schematics, parading some real fighters who as Gladiators and Centurions, assert themselves with an intimacy to the iconic Greek gold, coated in a game I see don’t see animated by muscles and manliness. Donatella Versace , declares that this is an appeal to young people who would like to see fighting for an ideal … And it is hoped that the ideals are not battle-hardened so manfully. But then, there are those who choose 73 Extras instead of the usual patterns. The smallest has 11 years and the largest has 43.Dolce & Gabbana, say their message neo realist and trying to convey a piece of Sicilian history to the rhythm of “Sciuri sciuri.”

By a revolt made statements of truth, appeal to the ideals you pass the guys maybe more moderates, who wear a classic eccentric. Stylishly unconventional, if this is possible, many have appealed to the colours to distort the appearance of your Office dress or formal dress, that for spring summer 2013 is tinged with yellow, orange or blue and why not the guys wearing Burberry Prorsum’s pugnacious, metallic lamé trench or multi color too.

Colors and shirts with prints of all kinds, are the common thread of many collections, for a season that want to inject a dose of vitamins which as we know, always contribute to lift our spirits in times so uncertain. For a season, there are also more stringent lines where pop’s prismatic, eliminated the frills, almost architectural geometries are cut and tailoring, as for the long-awaited return, after 8 years of absence, Jil Sander that catches the creative reins of his mark, distancing himself from everyone; by antagonizing with streamlined style than as a lone voice, it is still recognizable.


Jil Sander has entrusted his “come back” to the essence of the lines as much as classical, not have been deprived by a touch of eccentricity, solid deep blue most of the time. Jackets that as a must for every day stand out, straight as spindles also sleeveless, overlapping in bermuda from DART generous waving gracefully below the knee.

And is tailoring – eccentric, the collection by men’s fashion blog. The glow of the Silk Road, enliven almost all outputs, and with tropical prints and color contrasts. Carlo Pignatelli instead, applies on occasion dress a round pearls.
Costume National tells a new “tailored-New wave” with volumes that are inspired by David Bowie’s rock, using lightweight fabrics so as to lose weight as metal fibres.

Seville, the trademark Sauro Bain, which with only 5 years of life already boasts 50 million turnover, entrusts his collection in bold colours for tailored suits, embellished with quirky details. And Bottega Veneta conveys a sense of freedom for mises elegantly unconventional. Wearing jackets lightweight long shirts and tunics, from which emerge with his usual elegance varied by the touch of a red man.

And whether Kean Etro classic – eccentric has always been part of his dna, for spring summer 2013 has been able to actualize this spirit by giving away precious yet relaxed atmosphere. And it is in India that finds its dna, made turbans, jackets inspired by traditional military uniforms and that hide shirts decorated with Golden flashes. Layers of different fabrics: those shiny shirts jackets waistcoats and oppose the opacity.

Tailoring and Canadian made in Italy by Ports 1961, designed by Fiona Cibaniand Ian Hylton, showed innovation and tradition. Their classic gray suits in pastel colours to change this around that match prints. Recalling the wardrobe that once and sometimes women envied, because easy and always impeccable, the near future enriches the menswear details, colors, prints and combinations. The man wants to be able to choose without constraints and formalisms.


The color is the real star of men’s fashion for next spring summer 2013. He’s the head of an evolution of style that made his debut towards informality. It is to him that many “brands”, appealed, with a prevalent use of shades of blue, starting at the small blue to shades of Midnight blue.

Prada matched bright turquoise or purple tones to get to dark blue, in a game of essential forms. Ermenegildo Zegna and Roberto Cavalli have declined in all its shades. Even Umit Benan enacts a story painted blue and more. And these reassuring shades, surprisingly stand out brilliantly, the yellow and orange declinations. The yellow colour of next season by declaring the news occurs.

Ferragamo is renewed with extensive use of pop colors, including yellow and orange, applied as on a painting by Warhol and taking inspiration from a summer in l.a., playing on the contrast of colors, without fear and in an almost flippant. Oranges and yellows for Gavi, all strictly matched the iconic loafer. And finally, flamboyant, more than ever, the colors of Burberry Prorsum: rely on metallic effect, series of pink, purple, green, and even the fuksia exuberant trench that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.


Colors you add an endless series of prints. Starting from the flowers of Gucci, Burberry Prorsum and Versace without skipping lines of Dolce & Gabbana.Bold and sophisticated with a touch vaguely optical prints of Ports. BeautifulGucci scarf prints applied to casual shirt but super chic. A season beyond whimsical alternatives, from overlay to a more subdued in tone, not to betray the strength of colour, always present.


Over the dress, trench coat over the Bermuda the Safari jacket, slim-fit trousers above the robe manteau. A riot of proposals in all conceivable versions.
There are many brands that have proposed this jacket, marched almost like an accessory, useful Yes, but above all a strengthening to put, if necessary.


Bermuda anywhere and by anyone, could be the motto for next season. Costume National, they proposed over the knee black leather Dolce & Gabbana rolled up in a sort of lightweight high waist and double pleats grisaille, and Burberry Prosrum in print on fabric so light as to be almost imperceptible.

Jil Sander, instead, proposes a new length hits just below the knee and that combined with the classic jacket has a similar impact. Neil Barrett a marine version. Difficult to avoid the bermuda next season, processed and interpreted as an item to be worn comfortably in the city. Classic informal version, too.