Milan Fashion Week Trends

The next cold season includes a wardrobe, full of ideas and precious materials. The “outfit” proposed for the fall-winter 2012/2013, ahead of clear and definite trends . Redundant in their mix of different materials-Jacquard tapestries, brocades , velvets , opulent theatrical feathers, floral prints and transparencies, you rest on a black base, in which predominates the color palette of a still life – in a wealth of proposals masterfully expressed. Layers of volumes, contrasts of fabrics, the opposites attract as the dichotomy between male and female, sensuality and hardness, in a single outfit. Different and contrasting Lengths , like the slim fit pants at ankle which overlap long coats. Large volumes, which alternate with the sinuous lines.

The contrasts are protagonists in the proposals which are opposed to stylistic characteristics of some designers, like Alberta Ferretti who surprised everyone with his fashion show, replacing the indomitable womanhood with a stolen set of proposals to the wardrobe to look stronger, but behind which we find the eternal sensuality.

Or, the iconic prints like Etropaisley, deconstructed and reconstructed in the dark using lazer cut applied to the patchwork, beginning with a new interpretation that contrasts the poetic form.

Soft and very fine skin that mixes fine wools in knitted version and which intersects the fur , introduced as a sleeve or waist like a Victorian range as a ruffle Jacquard pattern interrupts or a pinstriped jacket, for a typical chic look.

The weights of fabrics are layered with naturalness: chiffon, velvets, leathers lane tricot, deftly handled, furs, transparency sometimes brazen and other nudity contained and displayed as if it were an application.

And as mentioned someone: “Black is not a fashionable topic, being a constant“, was therefore treated with many applications, such as Rhinestones, lurex, crystals, mirrors and embroidery.

Women gifts, princesses dark, Victorian romanticism but also fashion avatar of the digital era for the endless prints that leave the scene and assert themselves in a more graphic.

Modern female Gladiators for the skins processed geometrically together with furs and as inlay form the outlines of a jacket. There will also be the mythological bird that still life palette give the female wardrobe poetry and culture, between a past and a future in which there will be temptations.

And a special mention goes to Raf Simons, who for his final triumphant parade with Jil Sander presented a subtle progression: from straight, with newcomers coats from color contrast and overlap flesh-colored clothes, almost invisible, to be “tangible” with blue, red and matter as the skin version nearly plastic.

But we see in detail, emerging trends that will dominate the prossiam cold season.


Romance is present in all its forms. Starting from a dark romanticism and at night, with the debut on the runways of Gucci, which entrusts the feathers and velvet Victorian spirit, to opulent Baroque Dolce & Gabbana and trustful instead to lace and gold embroidery a kingship inspired damask tapestries of a southern princely. And feathers at night even in the outputs on the catwalk of Bottega Veneta.

But even princesses underground, are London districts. Are the princesses of Prada techno-chic. It is romanticism for Abdullah reminiscent with its textiles the Renaissance paintings.

Victorian romanticism to the velvets that drape the gowns by Etro or combinations of Victorian jackets in paisley lazer cut applied to the fabric.

In his typical English royalty, romantic is the woman to No. 21 with her gown cut like an apron equipped from gardening gloves encrusted with crystals, as befits an English Queen in her garden.

Feathers, velvet, Rhinestones, crystals and lace are the elements that form this inspiring trend, reinforced by accessories that as crowns adorning the head set of stones and a diaphanous trick where the lips are accentuated by Red purple.


Eventually women will be able to draw from the male wardrobe. Numerous signatures that have taken their cues from the latest collections for men, to give life to a woman who albeit female, outside wants to communicate strength and rigour. It’s not a female androgenic, on the contrary: under the heads of male slitting and boy friend, wearing pleated skirts, dresses transparent voile and lace.

Coats and jackets of all shapes, raced the Milan catwalks. Lengths that touch the ankle, double breasted tuxedo, cuts and pinstripes and a strong military. Trussardi does remove the sartorialtà of fashion men applied to women’s fashion: pinstriped suits, jackets and trousers, accompanied by large hats.

Alberta Ferretti renunciation of femininity that sets it apart but the cela with outerwear a masculine cut, as coat Pinstripe tuxedo coat which superimposes the Plumed or skirt that crosses transparent lace.

And military sensibility for Salvatore Ferragamo. The designer Massimiliano Giometti points out: “The Wedding collection military rigor to the romanticism of chiffon and lace“. Military cut for Burberry Prorsum and Bottega Veneta. Etro also turns to the male universe with its complete jacket-trousers.

Emilio Pucci, masculine Tuxedo jacket resumes and embellished with sequins and Prada shows the heads of the male wardrobe with jaquard applied to smoking – frac or the coat.

Accompany these looks from the rigors that covers the softness, a series of ground at cavallerizza boots, or as an accessory “cult” of this predominant theme.

There are many proposals for a fashion a masculine cut to want to make even more sensual woman because paradoxically able to wear one outfit opposites that attract.


The “maison” in Italy, they couldn’t help but introduce the fur, not only as a classic element of any woman’s wardrobe, but rather as a “cult” news from new interpretations entirely unusual. Roberto Cavalli has made even a bubble skirt, and you are not saved in the slide out a very long fur skirt.
Dolce & Gabbana have paraded a refined range hood that contrasts the dress in floral print.

Etro, used as jumps for his jacket wool or tweed, Fendi who devoted his fashion show at the retelling of fur, gorgeous with new geometries, proposed a ruffle that the coup of l’oeuil looks like a feather belt looks vaguely squaw and Antonio Marras uses it as a ruffle for her chinoiserie theme jacket.

Alberta Ferretti shows furs from the colors very lively, Marni and Missoni proponents in cached version.


Returns the mantel and overlaps “mises” from masculine touch, combined with super feminine dresses, too. Many people have proposed, in black fabric for a dark lady down the runway at Gucci. Always total black, the elegant and rigorous mantella proposed by Salvatore Ferragamo which contrasts the transparency of lace blouse and Aquilano Raimondi serving its strictly linear.

Multiple graphs for Marni volumes capes, fur hood proposed by Antonio Marras. Always by Antonio Marras, beautiful mantella proposal as a kind of kimono which accentuates the Oriental theme. The Cape is definitely the novelty of the season. A cult leader, a key item that renews the female wardrobe by reinforcing the theme masculine.


The future of fashion fall winter 2012-13, shows a great skill in the development of volumes; they will have to reign as one of the most important issues for next season.
The Made in Italy has shown great tailoring skills, creating large volumes and extreme lengths for coats, jackets, skirts and pants, from which there’s no shortage of “Tomboy” look meshes knitted version of proposals.
Trussardi, showed large billowing skirts and sweaters that contrast. Emilio Pucci, superimposes the knitted lurex cropped trousers genre; always for the sake of contrast.
But then there are a series of revealing clothing from space sirens accompanying the body lines, most often in total black lazer cut and cut, with “see through” like those proposed by Emilio Pucci, or transparency interrupted by velvet inlay outlining Renaissance forms as the beautiful dress by Etro.
Trussardi has proposed a “Total Black” leather and even Fendi has produced a “Mermaid” dress, in a game between skin and fur, extolling the volume on his shoulders. Succinct volumes to the life that serve as the bustier to slip on the skirt for Dolce & Gabbana, Etro print suits and wrapped in the iconic ending revealing her skirt billowy look vaguely Baroque.
There were even geometric volumes; “over” large square-shaped and geometric Marni coats and Fendi.
And finally, the geometries “chinoiserie” proposed by Maddox.
The volumes are stratified by creating different lengths and opposite, in a game of cuts and shapes to which nobody gave up and to accompany large volumes, a series of bags doctor bag, which seem almost suitcases, adapting itself to the size of a season that looks to the future with clear and precise tendencies, satisfying all the variety of volumes.

At this point you have to do is choose fashionistas, dear friends, your style!