Military Look, Firm Commitment for This Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

Soldiers form rows! this could be the premise under which prestigious designers and streetwear brands have worked for the development of the strictest looks of the season. It seems that under the recurrent excuse of the military look, all, even if we have not done the mili, at least in my case, we can feel a little military, that if, in for peace always.

We analyze a trend more firm, and never better said, of the season, with more inspiring images that surely will be one of your outfits this next Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011.

Military look on the catwalk

Christopher Bailey Burberry Prosum, the first line and logo of the British House par excellence, it has taken as a point of reference iconic aesthetic army clothing, in a parade of refined appearance where the notable pieces are the outerwear. Which is combined with shirts of narrow neck, straight pants in flat tones and essential high boots.

In this way the classic military coat It revisits in different options, with large flaps or zippers to the waist. Another option is the Cross sailor Blazer This time in version jacket in Navy Blue three-fourths. The American is also militarizes in green and the row of buttons.

The tahilandes of Chinese ancestors Philip Lim, He has preferred a darker aesthetic where the black and dark blue are the main colors of looks inspired by the uniform of air.

The Aviator aesthetics It takes over wool coats that are framed with belt always to set the silhouette. Emphasizes the use of groundwater present in long gloves, boots with buckle and even pants. The traje-uniforme Marino is decosntruye, the American is desmanga or becomes vest.

The publishing house

GQ Japan in one of his recent editorials proposes the Uniform Essential, or what is the same the key items of the trend, that can not miss this season in the wardrobes more fashionistas. Total black look, more dark and more grey marbled, this year winter as so many others, us not fight these tones, nor to shots.

The campaign

The antimodelo, as he himself likes to define itself, actor, producer, writer and multidisciplinary artist Tony Ward, outside the usual canons of Greek perfect beauty, starred in the campaign of the designer John Barlett, very popular in the USA, and which will be sold as a limited edition in The Masion Simons, a unique Canadian store Harrods style.

And it is that no one better than Ward to embody the role of the typical tough guy, with a mysterious point that as well combines with the tendency more ruda of the season, also showing the world you can parade and pose so well at age 47.

Get your military look

One of the things that I miss from my old neighborhood, Spitafileds in London is going shopping to All Saints, one of the many British store chains, but has a differentiating point with respect to direct competitors such as TopMan, a own style very characteristic, Dark, Citrine, rockopunk and even a little zombie I would say, that you both like the londoners.

Its collections are almost always based on that worn grey so in the English capital, mixed with earth tones, long black, some accent color light, usually white, touches of red and slightly more.

The army style It is one of the recurring themes year after year, and is that it should not be forgotten that United Kingdom was a great compendium of Nations, partly thanks to its effective army. Today I propose to you get your total look all by All Saints. Wrap mohair, cotton Pocket Shirt, pants baggy and cordoned off until all ankle boots in gray scale.

The touch of style

As original note to leave a good choice the monochrome is always include any gold accessories, without sin of pretentious, my proposal is that you animes to change the basic buttons of your coat always a few vintage like these.

It may be interesting if you choose various models and the combine if silver and copper will also be welcome. I have already tried it with the mine, and you are you motivated with the trend?

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