Mobotix Q24M Camera Manual

Camera manufactured in Germany which can capture an entire room without blind spots, now has even more to offer with new integrated MxAnalytics video analysis tool. MxAnalytics is an effective tool for process optimization or marketing purposes and can be used in small shops as well as in public buildings such as museums or airports in order to get important information.

Heat Map: Track And Evaluation of The Movement

Which shelves in stores attract the most customers? Which products at the exhibition booth hold the attention of most visitors? Which areas are waiting in the hall for departing passengers are preferred on Mondays between 8 am and 24:00? MxAnalytics makes it possible to reliably capture and evaluate the movement of people or objects in the image live. The most frequented areas are highlighted in color on the map of heat in a predetermined area. The areas with the most traffic are shown in red, and those with little movement in blue.

Counting Lines: Counting people And Objects

Using counting lines to count people and objects and generate observation data is a valuable tool. How many people pass a special entrance in an hour or a day? And what direction they come from?
MxAnalytics also stands out when it comes to ease of use, thanks to the fast, easy to use configuration, when creating reports, for example.

Another point: The results of the analysis of video traffic can be saved as daily, weekly or monthly reports in a table and exported via various interfaces. Whether through a web interface, e-mail or as fast MxControlCenter, reports are automatically collected in the camera and can easily be accessed or sent at any time. This can be done fully automatically and individually for any number of recipients.
Reduce costs with MxAnalytics.

In addition to the function number, data analysis, statistical behavior contributes significantly to process optimization, thus further reducing costs.

Mobotix cameras as Q24M differ from most traditional video security systems defined on Securitypology thanks to their decentralized system architecture.Each camera includes a high-speed computer with long-term memory. It is no longer necessary to use a computer or server to record or analyze image material. Video analysis takes place decentralized in the camera, without network load. This reduces the total cost and maintain high system performance. MxAnalytics is available for free with the latest en firmware version and the website of Mobotix without any restrictions on use. It also can be easily integrated into all older models Q24M-Sec by a software update.

The new version (2.5.2) of free video management software MxControlCenter supports MxAnalytics, too. This allows evaluation of different cameras more convenient way. The update also allows MxAnalytics of Q24M camera and subsequent analysis of the created and stored data. MxControlCenter 2.5.2 can now be downloaded free from the website Mobotix.

Mobotix continues to develop MxAnalytics data processing image camera Q24 initially. Common Mobotix camera needs very little maintenance and can be discreetly integrated into any environment thanks to its elegant design and compact size. The next step will be the integration into further Mobotix camera models.