Models on The Streets of Milan and Paris between Parade and Parade

Because of the dedicated to men’s fashion weeks, the streets of Milan y Paris they fill every day of models that come and go, some eating something after a parade, others running from your vacation wardrobe tests and some other clueless to spending too much time on cameras.

What is certain is that their styles we can serve to give us ideas on our looks of summer, especially in the warm Milan, where already must reach 40 degrees.

I have always wondered what has been a model in backpacks that often lead to parades. This ready to run (the secure clock problems). For the best moments of agitation are jeans, sports shoes and a t-shirt from tirantas.

When the nerves pass and the parade is over, there is time for the cameras. This model is recharged slightly with the cloth, sheets on the cowboy vest and Cap. Perhaps on the handkerchief, but the truth is that in the photo there is bad at all.

This model seems to be a little angry. Perhaps you have given some stumble on the catwalk, or simply don’t desire to devote smiles to the camera. Anyway, her straw hat and her sports Jersey are great for warm summer evenings.

Some more photos of models, all of them with looks to take into account this summer you have in the Gallery (which by the way, is the number 300 in the history of Mensencia):

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