Mohop Sandals: Design Meets Fashion

The architect and American designer Annie Mohaupt in 2005 he founded his own brand of shoesMohop, patenting an original model of sandals that allows one couple to create as many different styles as it suggests the fantasy.

We know that an architect can see the shape into the matter and that is how born Mohop: Annie Mohaupt, thanks to his professional background, designed with creativity the model of his sandals, which manages to emerge from the wood a new idea It is funny.

More than one pair of shoes, in fact, the Mohop are a kit consisting of the original wooden soles -for which you can choose from flat or plateau of different heights, very fashionable myth this summer, in the woods and diversified styles and many types of colored ribbons to be passed in its original elastic loops of the soles, thanks to which you can customize your own pair of sandals with endless possibilities.

Every couple of Mohop is handcrafted in Chicago lab with vegan and eco-friendly materials, such as wood from sustainably managed American forests, joining happily design creativity, the fantasy in the style and attention to comfort and quality of materials.

Also Mohop buys from Jhoole, a fair trade company that provides work and social services to women in India, beautiful hand-made ribbons recycling the typical sari, for a truly unique and colorful style.

Fun and creative with Mohop are available in a ready-to-wear line and a measure and allow you to change your look simply by changing the plots, lengths and colors of laces. If at first you can take a cue from the tutorial site, it will then be the imagination to make these sandals totally unique and original!