MOM SPA: Cosmetics – Favorites

Pimped with…

.. my favorite decorative cosmetics. Today I’d like to imagine my current favorites. You know, I’m an absolute creature of habit in this area. A product is proved then I use it also for years. That’s why I start today with my current favorites in the field of decorative cosmetics.

Mascara: Voluminous L ‘ The Real x 5

Mascara, not an easy issue. I’ve tried many – some are good, some are less good and some people convince completely. So I’m with this mascara – it brings my thin lashes in form and extended it visually. I like. Because what woman wants to have no beautiful eyelashes. Do not glue the eyelashes, color smearing and not crumbling. This, too, is absolutely commendable. After a long day the mascara is still where it belongs – i.e. on the eyelashes.

Eyeliner: Rival de Loop Liquid Eyeliner Black

I am honest, I admire the eyelid every time on the new by Farina. WOW, what an eyes. And again: I’m in love. I’ll probably never learn a so beautiful eyeliner to draw, never. But for incompetent like me, which is the eyeliner of Riva de Loop liquid ever. So even I manage an eyeliner and holds, throughout the day without just a little rub off or slip. I like.

Lipstick: MANHATTAN Endless stay Liquid Lip Tint. 94 x True Red

Red lips are to the kiss there. I love red lipstick. Unfortunately, Mimi is always more agile and not infrequently it has distributed the Red lip color in the face. Yay, because joy comes up. One reason why I increasingly refer to the endless stay of Manhattan in recent times. Red lips for hours. Keep – without blur, without to crumble and the lips are not dried out also. Recommended!

Lipstick: L ‘ The real color rich Eva’s Delicate Rose

A wonderful tone, perfect for everyday wear. When I went a few weeks ago on the lipstick past, I was not so impressed at first glance and then I tried through the colors. Well, and already I was done to Delicate Rose color Eva’s. I carry it in my purse and use it much and really like. The feeling is pleasant, the color subtly.

Perfume: Bottega Veneta Knot

I was not looking for a new fragrance and then he stood there, the bottle simply much too good to go past him. I was briefly geschnuppert, still think this is not a scent for me – much to floral, much too fancy. But no, a delicate fragrance that inspires. A fragrance that only needs to develop on the skin. I stood there with a heart in the eyes and the man who donated the smell me without further ADO. Oh yes, since I wear it regularly and love.

Concealer: p2 Mattifying Perfection Concealer

Girls, the concealer is great. Cheap and good. I use it now for sure a year every day to cover my eyes and to prepare them for the eyeshadow. He holds, he covers, he is super. You should test it.

Rouge: NARS Orgasm

For years my absolute favorite in terms of Rouge. He conjures up the certain glow in the face of every woman. He is very fine and can be great to dazzle, and he is rich. Although I use it almost every day, he keeps really long. Perfect.

And what are your absolute favorites?