Monkey: How to Shake with the Hit of the Time

The hit of the time? Missed who thought in dress orshort, the monkeys are with all this season and, of course, must continue… are light and versatile, one of the hits from the 80s back and all, because they are extremely feminine, charming and delicate, a real Joker, who let any stylish production. Democratic super can be printed, smooth, fluffy, fair, in jeans, the play is a great investment, but, of course, like everything else, you have to know how to use and abuse it.

Tips for Using Monkeys Correctly

The little monkeys, super feminine, can be used both in work as in ballads and parties.
According to the fabric, the monkey can go from children’s party to a sophisticated dance…
An important tip is in time to use the monkey on a day-to-day basis, invest in plain or printed pieces, combining them with shoe, flat sandals or espadrille, and at night, the peep toe is also a great option!
A purse take lap, a hat and/or sunglasses close with the production.
For use at work, opt for colorful templates, embossed and free the body, of course, no deep necklines in front or back of the model.
With blazer or casaqueto is super tidy, even with sandal.

But beware, overlays with waistcoats and casaquetos work well, but stay tuned to the length of these pieces, they must be between hip and waist to keep the proportion of its trunk.
White people are the face of the station, but I always prefer the free models because white must never be very exact, especially on the bottom, okay?!
To disguise the more weight, the tip is to invest in more structured fabrics that mark less skin.
Already the most shorties should prefer the adjusted models, which allow the silhouette more dry.
For use in the club, prefers the shorter monkeys, with muted colors and with the neck and back in evidence, combine them with many accessories.

And then… ready to rock a monkey?!