Moto 360 and 360 Motor Sports: New of Smartwatches by Motorola

Motorola in September 2014 with the Moto 360 a filigree Smartwatch delivered, that however not fully convinced in the our site test. The manufacturer has apparently rectified: within the framework of the IFA (4-9. September 2015 in Berlin) the company introduces new Moto 360 equal in three versions. Already from mid-September 2015 the again round successor model in two sizes can be pre-order: the display of the larger model of the Moto 360 has a diameter of 46 millimeters of the screen with 360 x 330 pixels resolves. The display of the second variant is less than 4 mm in diameter, the resolution is 360 x 325 pixels. Both models are 11 millimeters thick.

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The Motorola Moto 360 comes a proper watch very close. What features it offers and whether it is a real help in everyday life, the test shows. Motorola Moto 360: send in the test well Smartwatch: the lame TI-OMAP-3-chip of its predecessor you were turned ashore. Motorola used instead the quad-core processor Snapdragon 400 (1.2 ghz clock) and 512 Megbyte memory (RAM) and 4 gigabytes of memory for data of all kinds. The operating system is Android wear. According to the manufacturer, the battery life are between 1.5 and the larger version to 2 days longer persevere.

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Apple Watch & Co. Speaking of larger version: based on this model, Motorola has developed a sports version of the smart watch. It offers including GPS, allowing you to fitness tracking apps without a Smartphone use. In addition, it has a fixed silicone bracelet. When sports in the shops is the Moto of 360 is as unknown as the price of the model. Should the regular Moto 360 from 300 Euro cost.

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