Motorola Xoom in the Test

The first tablet comes with Android 3.0 could already convince in the practice test. How is it reflected in the laboratory?

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The Motorola Xoom could win many praise as the first tablet with Android 3.0. With regard to the features, performance, ease of use and quality, needs remain at the first glance. But we know, the better is the enemy of the good – and so the Xoom full test has to prove whether it is still up to date.

Display test

The Xoom must not shy with the 150,000-euro display measuring station, informed viewers have suspected from the outset. The contrast measurements that capture the brightness ratio between white and black areas on the screen, the Xoom in the generally strong test is ahead.

When dark contrast relevant in practice little it has beaten only the Acer Iconia. 500 lux, which is equivalent to a bright Office, with a stunning contrast of 1:782 with the Acer’s is virtually neck and neck.

Is still crucial for outdoor enthusiasts that the Xoom even at 20 Kilolux reached yet a contrast of 1:45; similar to good for outdoor use, only the iPad are 2 and the RIM Playbook.

In terms of viewing angle dependency is the Xoom in midfield, mirroring the gloss value measured is slightly above average. Also the resolution 1280 x 800 pixel 10.1 inch is above average.

This widescreen format makes very comfortable navigation on Web pages, she meets also the presentation of high-quality videos. Only the typing of texts with the thumb, while the other fingers hold the pad, requires large hands to reach the Middle keys.

And how it looks with the condition? Surrounded: In the average value from the operating modes “dormant screen”, “scrollable screen content”, “Internet download over Wi-FI” and “Videos” determined perseverance the Xoom to five and a half hours – which iPad comes 2 runs an hour longer.

Fleet operation

According to reliable sources, the Xoom with a NVIDIA Tegra-2 processor with two computing cores, which incidentally offers the tablet on the go works. The performance meets the extremely robust construction according to high expectations and we have acknowledged the good workmanship in detail already in the practice test. That other tablets are somewhat more compact and lighter, is often due to the smaller displays or the waiver of metal in the housing.

Yet not all is well

But in terms of facilities, the slightly longer maturation has brought benefits other Android 3.0 tablets. So, the tested Xoom can score while using a mobile phone interface, the neither leaves in terms of supported wireless standards with the attainable speed wish unfulfilled. At the micro-SD-card slot, it strongly wishes you a manufacturer update. Which is indeed incorporated, but was not supported until deadline.

Technical data and test results

Operating system Android 3.0
Processor / clock speed MHz) Dual core / 1000
available space (MB) 28500
Memory card slot
Type transm. TFT
Diagonal (inches) 10.1
Resolution (pixels) 1280 x 800
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / / /
850 / 900 UMTS / 1900 / 2100 / / /
HSDPA / HSUPA (Mbit / s) 14.4 / 5.76
Wi-FI / Bluetooth 802.11b / g / n /.
HDMI output
Contact / event management /
Notes / to do list /
E-Mail Hub
Web / Flash / Java / Java scripting / / /
HTTPS / changeable home / Favorites / /
Video player
3GP / MP4 / WMV / /
Audio player
MP3 / WMA /
M4A / AAC /
Resolution photo / chat camera (megapixels) 5 / 1.9
Photo light two LEDs
GPS receiver / route planner /
Onboard / offboard navigation
Dimensions (L x B x H in mm) 248 x 167 x 13
Weight (g) 710
Battery capacity (mAh) 3250
type. Endurance (hours) 5:29
Brightness (cd / m ²) 322
AVG. Contrast 1: 268
Max contrast dark / Office / outdoors 1: 1080 / 1: 782 / 1: 45.0
Gloss (%) 239
Endurance max. 75 satisfactory (52)
Facilities up to 150 satisfactory (111)
Handling maximum 175 well (138)
Measured maximum 100 good (77)
Connect JUDGMENT Max 500 378 good
tested in issue: 07 / 11


Endurance max. 75 satisfactory (52)
Facilities up to 150 satisfactory (111)
Handling maximum 175 well (138)
Measured maximum 100 good (77)
Connect JUDGMENT Max 500 378 good
tested in issue: 07 / 11