My Christmas Gifts 2011

Christmas is done! Once again, I have surrendered the “Mission: Christmas” in a healthy and healthy way and can finally devote myself to other things. The Christmas festival is always very intense, of all there is surplus: too much food, too much mulled wine, too much family. You are already a bit glad when you come back into your own four walls and the life is so slow, but surely comes back into regular courses.

But my Christmas 2011 was very very beautiful despite all this and of course I could also find one or other gift under the Christmas tree. Most of course, fashion.

In addition to Parka, there was a pack of CK trunks (in black), a SCOTCH & SODA scarf, a SCOTCH & SODA sweater and boots by H BY HUDSON. In combination, the things fit less well, so I just introduce them to you individually, so a little “fashion show” just for you!

My Christmas Gifts 2011

Let’s start with the CALVIN KLEIN Trunks . Do not worry, I’m not trying to be a underwear model, I’ll leave it to others. But these men’s underwear I find really incredibly great. Not only their perfect fit, and wearing comfort, but also the material are really worth their price. Their life span is very high and with proper washing and handling they last for 5 years! These trunks are available in white, gray and black, but I always prefer black, because it just fits almost always and something more noble: my little black!

And then there were two things from SCOTCH & SODA! They are very similar but they are totally different. But I just love the style and the relaxed looks so I’ve been delighted about both gifts!

On the one hand, there was a knitted sweater with hood in cream-mottled look. On the sleeves, the sweater has gray-red striped cuffs, which fit unexpectedly well into the rest of the optics. This knitted sweater is surprisingly small. So he sits breathtakingly well, even though I got him in size “L”. And anyone who knows my physique knows that “L” is often too much for me.

The second part is a scarf, which looks as if it had been cut out directly from the above sweater, together with the hood. Probably even one and the same “cutting part”. Together I will probably not wear the parts, but I always have the SCOTCH & SODA Style! With the mottled look, the scarf also gives each outfit a very relaxed touch and in this cold season has become a favorite item in a very short time.

A special highlight are the drawstrings, both on the sweater and on the scarf. These consist of a fairly wide cord and small leather appliqués. The overlapping of the hood on the collar is another detail, which makes the certain charm.

The last gift that should be mentioned here is black boots by itypemba, which I have received from a very special person. This makes the boots even more valuable to me. There is also a little anecdote, because after the gift was already bought, I showed the same person these boots (unknowingly) and found them totally great. After that I was looked at wrongly and heard how stupid the boots were… And at Christmas everything came to a good end!

That was then the first of my Christmas gifts. What was with you under the tree? Share your joy & gifts in the comments!

Ps Nikon was so friendly and  lent me the new Nikon 1 J1 system camera for testing. The pictures above were created with the same camera. From the result I am so far pleasantly surprised!