Myths and Truths about Micropigmentation of Eyebrows

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic procedure increasingly sought by Brazilians. Also known as semi-permanent makeup, the method consists of implanting pigments in the dermis(skin), drawing the eyebrows, seeking to illuminate, delineate the eyes and beautify the look.

Although widespread, micropigmentation is a method that requires care. Thinking about this, the specialist in esthetics and founder of Sóbrancelhas, Luzia Costa, will unveil the myths and truths of the procedure.”Before undertaking the method, it is important to search for and look for information about the technique, as well as to look for specialized and reliable places. After all the eyebrow confers all the facial expression of people and a mistake can lead to disorders and unhappiness for some time,”says Luzia.

Micropigmentation is not definitive, it has an average durability of 8 months to 2 years, depending on the care and skin type, as the penetration of the pigment is made in a superficial layer of the skin and after some time loses coloration. A very common mistake is to confuse this process with henna, which is only a dye applied on the skin, without penetration with needles, resulting in a much shorter durability.

The procedure, contrary to what many people think, includes needles, but does not require injectable anesthesia, just an anesthetic ointment on the spot. During the process you may feel a slight tingling, but no discomfort that is unbearable.

There is no better type of skin, anyone who wants to perform the micropigmentation can do it. Only allergy sufferers who are more sensitive to pigment, who tend to have keloids, or who are under some medical treatment should seek medical examination and authorization.

“Many women come with photos of celebrities and ask for the procedure to leave their eyebrows the same, but the design must be thought and developed in perfect symmetry with the patient’s face, so it is possible to highlight and value the strengths of the face. Not always the eyebrow style of that famous will match the face that presents itself, so the knowledge and expertise of the professional are essential to help and help the patient to understand the dynamics of the process,”says the expert.

Among post-procedure care should be emphasized not to take sun, nor UVA/UVB rays in the first week, and after that first period use sunscreen to avoid color change. Another important tip is not to wet the area with hot water, use soap during the first three days and not frequent places like: beaches, saunas and swimming pools.

Sóbrancelhas, a franchise network specialized in face and face embellishment, was founded in 2013 by the beautician Luzia Costa who, with more than 10 years of experience, developed an entrepreneurial vision and realized the need of the market in the sector of aesthetics and beauty, Aimed at personalized service for eyebrows. Currently, in addition to offering more than ten specialized services, Sóbrancelhas works with its own product line. The brand offers three business models, the traditional shopping mall, the”Sobbranhas Truck” and the pioneering kiosk model, which distinguish it in the market. The network, which is responsible for generating 500 direct jobs, serves an average of 85,000 people per month, with services ranging from R $ 25 to R $ 590.

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