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Photos and Models of Decorated Nails 2018.

The 2018 Decorated Nails arrived with that variety of models we need to give us many decorating options as well.There are so many beautiful models that it is difficult to choose only one to use, but the important thing is to have the same options.Today we will show you how the nails have been decorated.But many people think it is difficult, but in fact it is not today we have the famous stickers that we can make any effect with it, easily, quickly and without difficulties.

Earlier when we wanted to do the nail decorations we had to spend hours in the halls because the women did with paint or enamel and using the toothpick, which was a more time-consuming and error-prone procedure. With the models ready, this is over, today we have the stickers and they are more than present in the trends of Decorated Nails 2018 .So let’s take a look at the details of these nails, but first look at the names of the decorations that are being used the most:

  • Nails with Oncinha
  • Nails with Flowers
  • Nails with Zebras

There are many more models of Decorated Nails 2018, of course, but we list the models that are most made. Today we can wear gold nail polish, glitter and even that flocked effect. They leave the nails even more delicate than they already are. That’s why we have to stay tuned in trends, even though there’s a lot we can not even imagine we can do on our nails. Even more so because fashion today is changing a lot, and today we have decorations that run away from the pattern. Each one is more beautiful and more interesting than the other too.

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Below you can check some of this news. For this we separate the photos of Decorated Nails 2018 that mix quite different models, check the releases and see which one to use on your nails:

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