New iPhone 7-Problem: Call Quality Lags Tremendously

iPhone 7 and iOS 10 has traditionally been plagued by small children’s diseases. Now reported as that of yet another problem-this time the poor call quality.

Call quality is not, as it should be on more iPhone 7 phones. Multiple users on Apple’s forum report: whether a faulty sound quality by phone calls.

It writes Apple Insider, which is also experiencing this problem with the website sent iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 are, however, also affected by the same problem, if it was up to users ‘ complaints.

While the normal playback of audio, such as music, are not affected by this problem, users with the error experience sound from front speaker as being remote-“as if it is coming from behind the phone,” writes an iPhone 7-owner on the Apple website.

The reason for the lack of audio when call is not yet known, and that is why it is also unknown whether it is a bug in the hardware or the software. Users ‘ telecommunications company may also be able to have an impact, but the problem is experienced in any case across several different telecommunication companies.

A ‘Community’ from Apple Specialist referred an owner for this general guide about missing or distorted sound from iPhones, but it has not created specifically for the sound from front speaker used for phone calls. There is therefore not much guidance here. A temporary solution to the problem is reportedly turning down a little volume, where it apparently will be easier to hear what is being said.

Several users have been past a so-called Genius Bar, which has branches in many foreign Apple Stores, where the granting of technical assistance for Apple products. Here are more experienced, that issue has not been recognized, while others, in turn, has been swapped their iPhone 7.

In addition to the lack of audio when the phone calls have also been suffering with a 7 hvislelyd iPhone, which can be heard when the phone A10 Fusion processor comes during hard work. However, the sound is so low that the nææpe will bother most people, but something that still was directed great attention.