New Samsung Nexus S

After the great success of the Nexus One manufactured by HTC under the care of Google, the new girl of the eyes of the company is the Nexus S , this time developed by Samsung.

New Samsung Nexus S

The handset is certainly a killer as was the Nexus One at its launch. To tell you the truth, the Nexus One is still a competitive device even several months after its release.

Nexus S: opinion!

I have a Motorola Milestone and the only thing I had to complain about was the weight. Only after seeing a working Nexus S did I change my mind! The Nexus S is lighter, but not so much. But when it comes to a phone that will stay with you all day it is easy to feel the difference. On the other hand the Nexus S made the Motorola Milestone look very slow, it even gives you the desire to change soon.

The Nexus S looks pretty good but looks pretty conservative in my opinion. The screen is large with excellent sensitivity to touch and speed of response.

The battery lasts longer than the Motorola Milestone especially if it is saved by decreasing the brightness of the screen. Considering that the processor is much faster and the phone more agile, the battery should be of excellent quality.

One of the most impressive improvements over Milestone is the time the Nexus S spends to power. The Motorola Milestone sometimes spends almost 1 minute to be usable, while the Nexus S has spent less than half of it!

Is it worth buying the Nexus S?

I have not yet had the 3G test, which may be the most doubtful of those who want to acquire the Nexus S here in Brazil. In any case the first impression was great. It is a solid product and very well done and you really get the impression of using a product of the best technology.

Oh … and if you have an interest as is the Nexus S inside . Already had people who dismounted and photographed the toy all open!